Ozflicks’ List of 200 Australian Films of the 1970s

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The Australian Film Revival of the 1970s saw a dramatic rise in the number of films made in Australia,  with more than 200 films made.  For more background on the 70s in Australian cinema, see here.

The list below is an almost-complete list of feature films made in Australia during the 1970s. It is ‘almost-complete’ as (a) there may be films I have not found that are not widely known or listed on the internet or the books consulted, and (b) it excludes the following types of films:

  • documentaries;
  • concert recordings and operas;
  • short-features of 60 minutes or less (though some significant early 70s ones are included in a separate list at the bottom);
  • TV mini-series;
  • most animated features (unless the theme was particularly Australian);
  • foreign-dominated features set outside Australia with some Australian financial involvement which are sometimes listed as ‘Australian’;
  • TV films for which too little information was found, particularly where not even a brief synopsis was found or the director’s name or the film length was not available.

This list has links to information on 211 feature films made in Australia during the 1970s. It includes 64 movies made for television (marked TELEMOVIE below), on the basis that many Australian TV movies were made by the same directors, writers, actors and other film professionals as feature films made for the cinema. In addition, some films made for the cinema failed to find a distributor and were only ever released on television.

Some significant ‘short features’ (features between 50 and 60 minute) are listed separately below the main list, and one, Peter Weir’s Homesdale (1971) is included in the main list as it won the AFI Best Film Award for that year.

Each film in the list has links to the following sources of information about the film:

  • IMDb – the link is under the name of the film for all films
  • Ozmovies entry (Ozmovies) where it exists. This is generally the most thorough source of information about the films.
  • Wikipedia entry (Wiki) where it exists
  • Australian Screen Online (ASO) entry where it exists
  • Screen Australia listing (ScreenA) where little other information was found
  • Australian Television Information Archive (ATIA) where little other information was found
  • Other sources for selected films

Key to other symbols and acronyms

  • (UK) UK Production in Australia
  • (US) US Production in Australia
  • (#) Low budget (<$10,000) & low box office
  • (TVS) Spinoff film from Australian TV Series
  • (SF) Short Feature (50-60 minutes) (separate list below the main list)
  • [SYD, VIC, QLD etc] the state or city where the film was made is given for some films.

The genre of the film is at the end of the listing in red capitals according to the following code: DRA=Drama, ACT=Action, ADV=Adventure, ANM=Animated, ART=Arthouse, B-COM=Black Comedy, BIO=Biopic, COM=Comedy, CRI=Crime, DOC=Documentary, EXP-Experimental/Avant-Garde, FAM=Family/Children’s, HOR=Horror, MOC=Mocumentary, MUS=Musical, MYS=Mystery, PER=Period drama, SFI=Sci-Fi, SXP=Sexploitation, THR=Thriller, WES=Western.

The films are listed chronologically by year, and then alphabetically. The films in bold are the ones usually mentioned as the most significant films of the decade.

200 Australian Films of the 1970s

  1. 3 To Go (1970) (Peter Weir, Oliver Howes, Brian Hannant) [WikiOzmovies] [SYD, NSW] DRA
  2. Adam’s Woman (1970) (Phillip Leacock) [WikiOzmovies] [NSW] (US) DRA
  3. Beyond Reason (1970) (Giorgio Mangiamele) [WikiOzmovies] [MEL] (#) ACT-THR
  4. Harry Hooton (1969) (Arthur Cantrill) [Wiki] [MEL] (#) BIO
  5. Jack and Jill: A Postscript (1970) (Phillip Adams, Brian Robinson) [WikiOzmovies – ASO] [MEL] (#) DRA-ROM
  6. The Naked Bunyip (1970) (John B. Murray) [WikiOzmovies] [MEL] (#) COM-MOC
  7. Ned Kelly (1970) (Tony Richardson) [WikiOzmovies] [NSW] (UK) WES-DRA
  8. The Set (1970) (Frank Brittain) [WikiOzmovies – ASO] [SYD] (#) DRA-SXP
  9. Squeeze A Flower (1970) (Marc Daniels) [WikiOzmovies] [SYD, NSW] (US) COM
  10. Strange Holiday (1970) (aka Boys of Lost Island) (Mende Brown) [WikiOzmovies] [SYD, NSW] (US) FAM
  11. A City’s Child (1971) (Brian Kavanagh) [Ozmovies] # [MEL] ART
  12. And the Word Was Made Flesh (1971) (Dusan Marek) [MAOzmovies] # [ADE] SFI
  13. Country Town (1971) (Peter Maxwell) [WikiOzmovies] ## [VIC, NSW] (TVS) DRA
  14. Demonstrator (1971) (Warwick Freeman) [WikiOzmoviesDRA
  15. Homesdale (1971) (Peter Weir) [50 min] [WikiOzmovies] # [SYD] (SF) B-COM
  16. Nickel Queen (1971) (John McCallum) [WikiOzmovies] [WA]  COM
  17. Part One – 806 (1971) (Chris Lofven) # [MEL] SFI
  18. Stockade (1971) (Hans Pomeranz, Ross McGregor) [WikiOzmovies] ## [SYD] PER-MUS
  19. Stork (1971) (Tim Burstall) [WikiOzmovies – ASO] ## [MEL] COM
  20. Sympathy In Summer (1971) (Antony I. Ginnane) [WikiOzmovies] # [MEL, VIC, SYD] ART-ROM
  21. That Lady From Peking (1970-1) (Eddie Davis) [WikiOzmovies] ## [SYD] CRI
  22. Wake in Fright (1971) (Ted Kotcheff) [WikiOzmovies – ASO] [NSW, SYD] (US) DRA
  23. Walkabout (1971) (Nicolas Roeg) [WikiOzmovies – ASO] [NT, SYD] (UK) DRA
  24. The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972) (Bruce Beresford) [WikiOzmovies –ASOCOM
  25. The Hands of Cormac Joyce(1972) (Fielder Cook) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  26. The Man Who Shot the Albatross(1972) (David Zweck) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  27. Marco Polo Junior vs the Red Dragon (1972) (Eric Porter) [WikiOzmovies] FAM-ANM
  28. The Office Picnic (1972) (Tom Cowan) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA-COM
  29. Private Collection (1972) (Keith Salvat) [WikiOzmoviesCOM
  30. Shirley Thompson versus the Aliens (1972) (Jim Sharman) [WikiOzmovies – ASOCOM-SFI
  31. Sunstruck (1972) (James Gilbert) aka The Education of Stanley Evans, [WikiOzmovies – ASOCOM
  32. Alvin Purple (1973) (Tim Burstall) [WikiOzmovies – ASO] COM-SXP
  33. Avengers of the Reef (1973) (Chris McCullough) [WikiOzmoviesFAM
  34. Brumby Innes(1973) (David Zweck) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  35. Dalmas (1973) (Bert Deling) [WikiOzmoviesDRA
  36. An Essay on Pornography (1973) (Christopher Cary) [WikiOzmoviesMOC-SXP
  37. Libido (1973) (John B. Murray, Tim Burstall, Fred Schepisi, David Baker) [WikiOzmoviesDRA
  38. Linehaul(1973) (Frank Arnold) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  39. Lost in the Bush (1973) (Peter Dodds) [WikiOzmovies DRA-THR
  40. The Sabbat of the Black Cat (1973) (Ralph Lawrence Marsden) [OzmoviesHOR
  41. Skin of Your Eye (1973) (Arthur Cantrill & Corinne Cantrill) experimental [WikiEXP
  42. Sunshine City (1973) (Albie Thoms) [WikiEXP-DOC
  43. 27A (1974) (Esben Storm) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA
  44. Alvin Rides Again (1974) (David Bilcock & Robin Copping) [WikiOzmovies] COM-SXP
  45. Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (1974) (Bruce Beresford) [WikiOzmoviesCOM
  46. Between Wars (1974) (Michael Thornhill) [WikiOzmovies] [SYD-NSW-MEL] PER-DRA
  47. Billy and Percy(1974) (John Power) [ASO – Wiki] TELEMOVIE 70m PER-DRA
  48. The Cars That Ate Paris (1974) (Peter Weir) [WikiOzmovies – ASOHOR-COM
  49. The Cherry Orchard(1974) (David Zweck) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  50. Escape from Singapore(1974) (John Power) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE ACT
  51. Essington (1974) (Julian Pringle) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  52. Eye of the Spiral (1974) (aka The Sprial Bureau) (Ian Coughlan) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  53. A Hard God (1974) (Carl Schultz, John Bell) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  54. The Hotline (1974) (Cul Cullen Wr.) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  55. Human Target (1974) (Howard Rubie) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE THR
  56. Lindsay’s Boy(1974) (Frank Arnold) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  57. The Misanthrope(1974) (Howard Rubie) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE PER-COM
  58. Number 96 (1974) (Peter Barnardos) [WikiOzmovies] (TVS) SXP-COM
  59. Petersen (1974) (Tim Burstall) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA-SXP
  60. Stone (1974) (Sandy Harbutt) [WikiOzmoviesACT
  61. Stoner (1974) (aka The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss, A Man Called Stoner, Hong Kong Hitman) (Feng Huang) [WikiBlog] (Aust-HK) ACT
  62. Yackety Yak (1974) (Dave Jones) [WikiOzmovies] [MEL] COM
  63. Australia After Dark (1975) (John D. Lamond) [WikiOzmoviesMOC-SXP
  64. The Box (1975) (Paul Eddey) [WikiOzmovies] (TVS) DRA-SXP
  65. The Double Dealer (1975) (Alan Dickes) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  66. Down the Wind (1975) (Kim McKenzie, Scott Hicks) [WikiOzmoviesDRA
  67. The Firm Man (1975) (John Duigan) [WikiOzmovies] DRA
  68. Games for Parents & Other Children (1975) (Ray Alchin) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE  DRA
  69. The Golden Cage (1975) (Ayten Kuyululu) [WikiOzmovies – ASO DRA
  70. The Great McCarthy (1975) (David Baker) [WikiOzmoviesCOM
  71. How Willingly You Sing (1975) (Gary Patterson) [OzmoviesCOD
  72. I’m Here, Darlings!(1975) (Michael Jenkins) [Wiki]  TELEMOVIE 100 min,
  73. Inn of the Damned (1975) (Terry Bourke) [WikiOzmoviesHOR
  74. Is There Anybody There? (1975) (Peter Maxwell) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE CRI
  75. The Last Rites (1975) (aka I’ve Come About the Suicide) (Brian Bell) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE THR
  76. The Lost Islands (1975) (Bill Hughes) [WikiOzmovies] (TVS) FAM
  77. The Love Epidemic (1975) (Brian Trenchard-Smith) [WikiOzmovies] MOC-SXP
  78. The Man From Hong Kong (1975) (Brian Trenchard-Smith, Yu Wang) [WikiOzmovies ASOACT
  79. Nuts, Bolts And Bedroom Springs (1975) (Gary Young) [WikiOzmoviesSXP
  80. The Olive Tree (1975) (Edgar Metcalfe) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE
  81. Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) (Peter Weir) [WikiOzmovies – ASOPER-DRA
  82. Plugg (1975) (Terry Bourke) wr. [WikiOzmoviesCOM-SXP
  83. Polly My Love(1975) (Peter Maxwell) [Wiki – ATIA]  ] TELEMOVIE
  84. The Promised Woman (Tom Cowan, 1975) [WikiOzmoviesDRA
  85. Pure Shit (1975) (aka Pure S***) (Bert Deling) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA
  86. The Removalists (1975) (Tom Jeffrey) [WikiOzmovies – ASO] DRA-COM
  87. Ride A Wild Pony (1975) (Don Chaffey) [WikiOzmoviesFAM
  88. Scobie Malone (1975) (Terry Ohlsson) aka Helga’s Web [WikiOzmoviesCRI-SXP
  89. Sidecar Racers (1975) (Earl Bellamy) aka The Team, [WikiOzmoviesACT
  90. Solo Flight (1975) (Ian Mills) [OzmoviesROM-DRA
  91. Sunday Too Far Away (1975) (Ken Hannam) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA
  92. They Don’t Clap Losers(1975) (John Power) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  93. The Tichborne Affair (1975) (Carl Schultz) [WikiATIA] TELEMOVIE PER-DRA
  94. The True Story of Eskimo Nell (1975) (Richard Franklin) [WikiOzmovies] COM-SXP-WES
  95. The Alternative (1976) (Paul Eddey) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  96. Arena(1976) (Eric Taylor) [ATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA
  97. Barney (1976) (David S. Waddington) aka Lost in the Wild [WikiOzmoviesFAM-ADV
  98. Betty Blokk-Buster Follies (1976) (Peter Batey) [WikiOzmoviesMUS-COM
  99. Born to Run (1976) (aka Harness Fever) (1976) (Ed Jurist) [OzmoviesFAM
  100. Break of Day (1976) (Ken Hannam) [WikiOzmoviesPER-ROM
  101. The Bushranger (1976) (Federico Chentrens) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA-WES
  102. Caddie (1976) (1976) (Donald Crombie) [WikiOzmovies – ASOPER-DRA
  103. Cosy Cool (1976) (Gary Young) [Ozmovies-mentionACT-ADV
  104. Deathcheaters (1976) (aka Death Cheaters) (Brian Trenchard-Smith) [WikiOzmoviesACT-ADV
  105. The Devil’s Playground (1976) (Fred Schepisi) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA
  106. Don’s Party (1976) (Bruce Beresford) [WikiOzmovies  – ASOCOM
  107. Eliza Fraser (1976) (Tim Burstall) [WikiOzmoviesPER-SXP
  108. Endplay (1976) (Tim Burstall) [WikiOzmoviesTHR
  109. Fantasm (1976) (Richard Franklin) [WikiOzmoviesSXP
  110. The Fourth Wish (1976) (Don Chaffey) [WikiOzmovies] (TVS) DRA
  111. The Haunting of Hewie Dowker (1976) (Simon Wincer) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE HOR
  112. Illuminations (1976) (Paul Cox) [WikiOzmoviesDRA-ART
  113. Image of Death (1976) (Kevin James Dobson) [WikiOzmovies-mention] TELEMOVIE THR
  114. Let the Balloon Go (1976) (Oliver Howes) [WikiOzmoviesFAM
  115. Mad Dog Morgan (1976) (Philippe Mora) [WikiOzmovies  – ASOWES
  116. McManus MPB (1976) (Max Varnel) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE THR
  117. Me & Mr Thorne(1976) (Paul Eddey) TELEMOVIE CRI-COM
  118. Murcheson Creek(1976) (Terry Bourke) [WikiATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA
  119. Mystical Rose (1976) (Michael Lee) EXP
  120. Oz: A Rock and Roll Road Movie (1976) (Chris Lofven) [WikiOzmovies – ASOMUS
  121. Secret Doors (1976) TELEMOVIE THR
  122. The Sentimental Bloke (1976) (Alan Burke) [WikiMUS-COM
  123. Storm Boy (1976) (Henri Safran) [WikiOzmovies – ASOFAM
  124. Summer of Secrets (1976) (Jim Sharman) [WikiOzmoviesCOM
  125. Surrender in Paradise (1976) (Peter Cox) [WikiOzmoviesDRA-SFI
  126. The Trespassers (1976) (John Duigan) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA
  127. The Understudy (1976) (Eric Luithle) TELEMOVIE DRA
  128. All at Sea (1977) (Igor Auzins) [WikiOzmovies] TELEMOVIE COM
  129. At Uluru (1977) (Corinne Cantrill) [WikiEXP
  130. Backroads (1977) (Phillip Noyce) [WikiOzmoviesDRA
  131. Barnaby and Me (1977) (Norman Panama) [WikiATIA] TELEMOVIE FAM
  132. Blue Fire Lady (1977) (Ross Dimsey) [WikiOzmoviesFAM
  133. Death Cell (1977) (Guy Baskin) TELEMOVIE HOR
  134. Dot and the Kangaroo (1977) (Yoram Gross) [WikiOzmovies – ASOFAM-ANM
  135. The F.J. Holden (1977) (Michael Thornhill) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA
  136. Fantasm Comes Again (1977) (Colin Eggleston) [WikiOzmoviesSXP
  137. The Getting of Wisdom (1977) (Bruce Beresford) [WikiOzmovies – ASOPER-DRA
  138. High Rolling (1977) (Igor Auzins) [WikiOzmoviesDRA-ADV
  139. Inside Looking Out (1977) (Paul Cox) [WikiOzmoviesDRA
  140. Journey Among Women (1977) (Tom Cowan) [WikiOzmovies – ASOPER-SXP
  141. The Last Wave (1977) (Peter Weir) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA
  142. Mama’s Gone A-Hunting (1977) (Peter Maxwell) [WikiOzmovies] TELEMOVIE CRI-THR
  143. The Mango Tree (1977) (Kevin Dobson) [WikiOzmoviesPER-DRA
  144. No Room to Run (1977) (Robert Michael Lewis) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE CRI-THR
  145. The Picture Show Man (1977) (John Power) [WikiOzmovies – ASOPER-DRA
  146. The Pajama Girl Case (1977) (aka La Ragazza dal pigiama giallo) (Flavio Mogherini) [WikiTHR
  147. Plunge into Darkness (1977) (Peter Maxwell) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE THR
  148. Raw Deal (1977) (Russell Hagg) [WikiOzmoviesWES
  149. Roses Bloom Twice (1977) (David Stevens) [ATIA] TELEMOVIE ROM
  150. Say You Want Me(1977) (Oliver Howes) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  151. Summer City (1977) (Christopher Fraser) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA
  152. Summerfield (1977) (Ken Hannam) [WikiOzmoviesMYS-THR
  153. The Trial of Ned Kelly (1977) (John Gauci) [WikiScreenA] TELEMOVIE PER-DRA
  154. What a Way to Go (1977) (aka Bottoms Up) (Karl Rawicz) [mention] TELEMOVIE COM
  155. The ABC of Love and Sex Australia Style (1978) (John Lamond) [WikiOzmoviesMOC-SXP
  156. Because He’s My Friend(1978) (Ralph Nelson) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  157. Bit Part (1978) (Eric Talylor) [ScreenAATIA] TELEMOVIE COM
  158. Blue Fin (1978) (Carl Schultz) [WikiOzmoviesFAM
  159. Cass (1978) (Chris Noonan) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  160. The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith (1978) (Fred Schepisi) [WikiOzmovies – ASOPER-DRA
  161. The Death Train (1978) (Igor Auzins) [WikiATIA] TELEMOVIE HOR
  162. Demolition (1978) (Kevin Dobson) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE ACT-THR
  163. Gone to Ground(1978) (Kevin Dobson) TELEMOVIE  THR-MYS
  164. A Good Thing Going(1978) (Arch Nicholson) TELEMOVIE  DRA
  165. Harvest Of Hate (1978) (Michael Thornhill) [WikiOzmoviesATIA] TELEMOVIE ACT
  166. The Irishman (1978) (Donald Crombie) [WikiOzmoviesPER-DRA-ROM
  167. The King of the Two Day Wonder (1978) (Kevin Anderson) [WikiOzmoviesDRA
  168. Little Boy Lost (1978) (Terry Bourke) [WikiOzmoviesDRA
  169. Long Weekend (1978) (Colin Eggleston) [Wiki Ozmovies – ASOTHR
  170. Magee and the Lady (aka She’ll Be Sweet) (1978) (Gene Levitt) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE ADV-COM
  171. Mouth to Mouth (1978) (John Duigan) [WikiOzmoviesDRA
  172. The Newman Shame (1978) (Julian Pringle 1978) [WikiOzmovies] TELEMOVIE THR
  173. Newsfront (1978) (Phillip Noyce) [Wiki Ozmovies – ASOPER-DRA
  174. The Night Nurse (1978) (Igor Auzins 1978) [Ozmovies] TELEMOVIE HOR
  175. The Night, the Prowler (1978) (Jim Sharman) [Wiki Ozmovies – ASOART-COM
  176. Patrick (1978) (Richard Franklin) [WikiOzmovies – ASOHOR
  177. Puzzle (1978) (Gordon Hessler) [WikiReview] TELEMOVIE THR-ROM
  178. Ripkin (1978) (Frank Arnold) [WikiATIA] TELEMOVIE  THR
  179. The Scalp Merchant (1978) (Howard Rubie) [WikiATIA] TELEMOVIE MYS-THR
  180. Shimmering Light (1978) (aka Strandparty) (Don Chaffey) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  181. Solo (1978) (Tony Williams) [WikiOzmoviesDRA-ROM
  182. Sound Of Love (1978) (John Power) [WikiOzmovies] TELEMOVIE DRA-ROM
  183. Third Person Plural (1978) (James Ricketson) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA
  184. Weekend of Shadows (1978) (Tom Jeffrey) [WikiOzmoviesCRI-DRA
  185. Apostasy (1979) (Zbigniew Friedrich) [OzmoviesDRA
  186. Burn the Butterflies(1979) (Oscar Whitbread) [WikiATIA]  TELEMOVIE DRA
  187. Cathy’s Child (1979) (Donald Crombie) [WikiOzmoviesDRA
  188. Dawn! (1979) (Ken Hannam) [WikiOzmoviesBIO
  189. Dimboola (1979) (John Duigan) [WikiOzmoviesCOM
  190. The Dolebludgers (1979) (David Zweck) [WikiATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA
  191. Felicity (1979) (John D. Lamond) [WikiOzmoviesSXP
  192. In Search of Anna (1979) (Esben Storm) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA
  193. The John Sullivan Story(1979) (David Stevens) [WikiATIA]  TELEMOVIE DRA-WAR
  194. The Journalist (1979) (Michael Thornhill) [WikiOzmoviesCOM
  195. Just Out Of Reach (1979) (Linda Blagg) [OzmoviesDRA
  196. Kostas (1979) (Paul Cox) [WikiOzmoviesDRA-ROM
  197. The Last of the Knucklemen (1979) (Tim Burstall) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA-COM
  198. The Little Convict (1979) (Yoram Gross) aka Toby and the Koala [WikiOzmoviesFAM-ANM
  199. Mad Max (1979) (George Miller I) [WikiOzmovies – ASOACT-DRA
  200. The Mismatch (1979) (Ken Hannam) [WikiATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA
  201. Money Movers (1979) (Bruce Beresford) [WikiOzmovies – ASOACT-DRA
  202. My Brilliant Career (1979) (Gillian Armstrong) [WikiOzmovies – ASOPER-DRA
  203. The Odd Angry Shot (1979) (Tom Jeffrey) [WikiOzmovies – ASOACT-COM
  204. Palm Beach (1979) (Albie Thoms 1979) [WikiOzmovies – ASODRA-EXP
  205. The Plumber (1979) (Peter Weir) (6.6) [ASO – WikiOzmoviesTHR-COM
  206. Snapshot (1979) (Simon Wincer) [WikiOzmovies – ASOTHR
  207. Thirst (1979) (Rod Hardy) [WikiOzmovies – ASOHOR
  208. Tim (1979) (Michael Pate) [WikiOzmoviesDRA-ROM

Some significant short-features released in the 1970s

This list is not exhaustive

  1. Brake Fluid (1970) (Brian Davies) [Ozmovies] [MEL] (#) (SF)
  2. Dead Easy (1970) (Nigel Buesst) [WikiOzmovies] [MEL] (#) (SF)
  3. Nothing Like Experience (1970) (Peter Carmody) [WikiOzmovies] [MEL] (#) (SF)
  4. Bonjour Balwyn (1971) (Nigel Buesst) [WikiOzmovies – ASO] # [MEL] (SF)
  5. Flashpoint (1972) (Brian Hannant) [WikiOzmovies] (SF)
  6. Gentle Strangers (1972) (Cecil Holmes) [WikiOzmovies] (SF)
  7. The Journey (1972) (Paul Cox) 52 min  (SF)
  8. Come Out Fighting (1973) (Nigel Buesst) [WikiOzmovies] (SF)
  9. Night of Fear (1973) (Terry Bourke) [WikiOzmovies] (SF)
  10. Matchless (1974) (John Papadopoulos) [Ozmovies] (SF)
  11. Moving On (1974) (Richard Mason) [Ozmovies] (SF)
  12. The Wanderer (1974) (Scott Hicks) [Ozmovies] (SF)
  13. Who Killed Jenny Langby? (1974) (Donald Crombie) [WikiOzmovies] (SF) [SA]
  14. Do I Have to Kill My Child? (1976) (Donald Crombie) [WikiATIA]  (TELEMOVIE) 53m (SF)
  15. Queensland (1976) (John Ruane) [WikiOzmovies] (SF)
  16. Listen to the Lion (1977) (Henri Safran) [WikiOzmovies] (SF)
  17. The Love Letters from Teralba Road (1977) (Stephen Wallace) [WikiOzmovies] (SF)
  18. Out of It (1977) (Ken Cameron) [Ozmovies] (SF)
  19. The Singer and The Dancer (1977) (Gillian Armstrong) [WikiOzmovies] (SF)
  20. The Rock Pool (1979) (Chris Thomson) [ScreenAATIA]  TELEMOVIE  59 min  (SF)
  21. Temperament Unsuited (1978) (Ken Cameron) (SF) [WikiOzmovies] (SF)

Thanks to Australasian Cinema for their wonderful list of Australian films was my starting point and to which I added and from which I deleted, as well as Ozmovies, IMDb, and Scott Murray’s Australia on the Small Screen 1970-1995 which provided more information.


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