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[Updated Mar 2021]

Welcome back punters. This is the final instalment of my lists of Aussie (Oz) films through the decades, and it turned out to be a bit of a monster with over 1,000 films and many thousands of links. My WordPress is really feeling the strain. The page grew huge, partly because the lists cover nearly two decades instead of one, partly because I have included links to many more sites for each film, partly because streaming is making it easier for small-budget films to find a release nowadays, and partly because I have added a few supplementary lists. In addition, I have noted the genre of each of the films for anyone interested in particular genres (such as the post-Wolf Creek Oz-horror revival, or the rare-as-hens-teeth Oz-musical film).  I hope this list of interest to anyone who wants information about the wide range of Oz films made in the 2000s.

Over 1,000 Australian feature films have been made and released in Australia so far during the 2000s; over 150 more were completed and shown at a film festival or two but not further released; over 40 other films were made in Australia by foreign producers, and a handful of Australian productions were made overseas. I have compiled four lists covering all these films, along with links for each film to the IMDb site and selected reviews and streaming sites, as a resource for anyone interested in recent Australian films.

The main list below is an as-complete-as-I-could-make-it list of feature films made and released in Australia during the 2000s. It excludes the following films:

  • documentaries;
  • concert recordings and operas;
  • short-features of 60 minutes or less;
  • TV mini-series;
  • most animated features made in Australia (unless the theme was particularly Australian);
  • films which are thought to have been completed but for which there was no evidence that they were ever distributed, or which were only shown briefly at a festival  – 150 of these are included in The Grey List after the main list;
  • US features and other foreign films made in Australia but set elsewhere with foreign lead actors – some of these are listed in Supplementary List #1 under the main list.
  • foreign-dominated features made outside Australia with some Australian financial involvement but no Australian characters and which are sometimes listed as ‘Australian’ (some of these are listed in Supplementary List #2 under the main list);
  • Films for which too little information was found, particularly where not even a brief synopsis was given or the director’s name and film length were not listed.

The main list has links to information on 980+ films, including 98 movies made for or first released on television (marked TELEMOVIE below). Each film has links to some of the following sources of information about the film:

  • IMDb – Listing from Internet Movie Database (the link is under the name of the film). This source is given for all the films on the main list and most films on the other lists;
  • Wiki – Wikipedia entry on the film;
  • Ozmovies – Ozmovies dossier on the film at the Ozmovies website (films up to 2002 so far but gradually added films for later dates)
  • ASO – Australian Screen Online page on the film with information and clips from the film;
  • M&D – Video Review from Margaret and David (Pomeranz & Stratton);
  • UC – Urban Cinephile review and information on the film;
  • ScreenA – Screen Australia listing for the film (brief);
  • ATIA – Australian Television Information Archive entry on TV movies;
  • FB – Facebook page for some films;
  • Over 100 other sites which offer reviews or information on less-well-known films.

The genre of the film is at the end of the listing in capitals according to the following code: DRA=Drama, ACT=Action, ADV=Adventure, ANM=Animated, ART=Arthouse, B-COM=Black Comedy, BIO=Biopic, COM=Comedy, CRI=Crime, DOC=Documentary, EXP-Experimental/Avant-Garde, FAM=Family/Children’s, FAN=Fantasy, HOR=Horror, MOC=Mocumentary, MUS=Musical, MYS=Mystery, PER=Period drama, SFI=Sci-Fi, SPO=Sport, SXP=Sexploitation, THR=Thriller, WAR=War drama, WES=Western.

For further information on the compiling of this list, see the Notes at the end.

The Main List

This list includes films made and released in Australia by Australians since 2000, as well as films made about Australian lead characters overseas. It only includes films known to have been released at the cinema, on DVD or available at an online site such as Ozflix, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Vimeo or even YouTube. Other Australian films completed since 2000, but only seen briefly at film festivals on release are included in a supplementary list below the main list – the ‘Grey List’.

The films are listed by year, then alphabetically (with initial ‘The’ and ‘A’ ignored). The films in bold are the ones usually mentioned as the most significant films of the decade (either at the box office or with the critics).


  1. After the Rain (2000) (Mark Lamprell) [PMW] CRI/THR
  2. Angst (2000) (Daniel Nettheim) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] COM/ROM
  3. Better Than Sex (2000) (Jonathan Teplitzky) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] DRA/ROM
  4. Beware of Greeks Bearing Guns (2000) (John Tatoulis) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM
  5. Bootmen (2000) (aka Tap Dogs) (Dein Perry) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] MUS/COM
  6. Chopper (2000) (Andrew Dominik) [Wiki, OzmoviesM&D, UC, ASO] CRI/BIO/COM
  7. City Loop (2000) (aka Bored Olives) (Belinda Chayko) [Wiki, Ozmovies, Variety] DRA/COM
  8. Cthulhu (2000) (Damian Heffernan) [WikiScreenA] HOR
  9. Cut (2000) (Kimble Rendall) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] HOR/COM
  10. The Dish (2000) (Rob Sitch) [Wiki, OzmoviesM&D, UC, Ozflix] COM
  11. Dogwoman: A Grrrl’s Best Friend (2000) (David Cameron) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI/COM
  12. Dogwoman: Dead Dog Walking (2000) (Rowan Woods) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI/COM
  13. The Finder (2000) (Frank Shields) [Wiki, UC] TELEMOVIE CRI/DRA
  14. The Goddess Of 1967 (2000) (Clara Law) [Wiki, OzMovies, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA/ART
  15. Green Sails(2000) (Whitney Ransick) [Allmovie] (Oz/US) TELEMOVIE ADV/THR
  16. Innocence (2000) (Paul Cox) [Wiki, Ozmovies, UC, M&DASO] DRA
  17. Ihaka: Blunt Instrument(2000) (Peter Fisk) [ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI/THR
  18. Looking for Alibrandi (2000) (Kate Woods) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC, ASO] COM/DRA/ROM
  19. Love of Lionel’s Life (2000) (aka Open Cut) (John Ruane) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE ROM/DRA
  20. The Magic Pudding (2000) (Robert Smit, Karl Zwicky) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D] FAM/ANM/MUS
  21. Mallboy (2000) (Vince Giarrusso) [Wiki, Ozmovies, SOS, M&D, UC] DRA
  22. Marriage Acts (2000) (Rob Marchant) [ScreenA, ATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA
  23. Masked Avenger Versus Ultra-Villain in the Lair of the Naked Bikini (aka The Masturbating Gunman) (2000) (Mark Savage) [WCM, FCC] ACT/COM
  24. Max Knight: Ultra Spy (2000) (Colin Budds) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE (US/Oz) ACT/SFI
  25. Me, Myself, I (2000) (Pip Karmel) [WikiOzmovies – UCM&D] COM/ROM/FAN
  26. The Monkey’s Mask (2000) (Samantha Lang) [Wiki, OzmoviesM&D, UC] CRI/THR
  27. Mr Accident (2000) (Yahoo Serious) [Wiki, M&D, Ozmovies, UC, Ozflix] COM
  28. Muggers (2000) (Dean Murphy) [Wiki, ScreenA, M&D,  UC] COM/CRI
  29. My Mother Frank (2000) (Mark Lamprell) [Wiki, M&D, Ozmovies, UC] COM/DRA/ROM
  30. Narcosys (2000) (Mark Bakaitis) [Review, SA] SFI/ACT
  31. On the Beach (2000) (Russell Mulcahy) [Wiki, ATIA, Moria] TELEMOVIE SFI/DRA
  32. Sample People (2000) (Clinton Smith) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] CRI/COM
  33. Scratch (2000) (Michael Ralph) [ScreenA] HOR
  34. Selkie (2000) (Donald Crombie) [Wiki, M&D, UC] FAM/ADV
  35. SNAK: Sensitive New Age Killer (2000) (Mark Savage) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] CRI/COM
  36. Summer of Love (2000) (Wayne Groom) [ScreenA] TELEMOVIE DRA/ROM
  37. Stygian (2000) (James Wan, Shannon Young) [FA] HOR
  38. Virtual Nightmare (2000) (Michael Pattinson) [Wiki, TMS, ATIA] TELEMOVIE SFI
  39. Waiting at the Royal (2000) (Glenda Hambly) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA
  40. Walk The Talk (2000) (Shirley Barrett) [Wiki, Ozmovies, SOS, M&D, UC] COM
  41. The Wog Boy (2000) (Aleksi Vellis) [Wiki, OzmoviesM&D, UC] COM
  42. A Wreck, A Tangle (2000) (John O’Brien) [Ozmovies, ScreenA] DRA


  43. The Bank (2001) (Robert Connolly) [Wiki, M&D, OzmoviesUC, ASO] DRA/CRI
  44. Charlotte Gray (2001) (Gillian Armstrong) [Wiki, M&D, UC] (UK) PER/DRA
  45. Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001) (Simon Wincer) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] (US/Oz) COM/ADV
  46. Curse of the Talisman (2001) (Russell Mulcahy) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE HOR
  47. Dalkeith (2001) (Leigh Sheehan) [Wiki, CP, UC] COM/DRA
  48. Dogwoman: The Legend of Dogwoman (2001) (Paul Moloney) [Wiki, ATIA] CRI/COM
  49. Elixir (2001) (Colm O’Murchu) [AFD] ACT/ADV
  50. Enemies Closer (2001) (Steven Aldridge) [ScreenA] THR
  51. Finding Hope(2001) (Geoffrey Nottage) [ATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA
  52. Four Jacks (2001) (Matthew George) [WikiScreenA] CRI/THR
  53. Getting the Dirt on Trish (2001) (aka Dirty Laundry) (Suzanne Brown) DRA
  54. Hard Knox (2001) (Peter Bloomfield) [ScreenA, ATIA] TELEMOVIE COM/ACT
  55. He Died with a Falafel in His Hand (2001) (Richard Lowenstein) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC, ASO, Ozflix] COM/DRA
  56. Instant Karma (2001) (Martyn Park) CRI/DRA
  57. La Spagnola (2001) (Steve Jacobs) [Wiki, OzmoviesM&D, UC, ASO] DRA/COM
  58. Lantana (2001) (Ray Lawrence) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA
  59. Let’s Get Skase (2001) (Matthew George) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] COM/CRI/ACT
  60. Low-Fat Elephants (2001) (Phillip Marzella) [Variety] ROM/COM
  61. The Man Who Sued God (2001) (Mark Joffe) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] COM/DRA
  62. Moulin Rouge (2001) (Baz Luhrmann) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC, ASO] MUS/DRA/ROM
  63. Mullet (2001) (David Caesar) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA/COM
  64. My Husband… My Killer? (2001) (Peter Andrikidis) [ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI
  65. Neophytes and Neon Lights (2001) (Shane T. Hall) [ScreenA, CIA] SFI/CRI
  66. The Old Man Who Read Love Stories (2001) (Rolf de Heer) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA/ADV
  67. One Night the Moon (2001) (Rachel Perkins) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA/MUS
  68. Risk (2001) (Alan White) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] CRI/THR
  69. Russian Doll (2001) (Stavros Kazantzidis) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, SOS, DPB, UC] ROM/COM
  70. Serenades (2001) (Mojgan Khadem) [Variety, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] ROM/DRA
  71. Silent Partner (2001) (Alkinos Tsilimidos) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] COM/DRA
  72. Southern Cross (2001) (Mark DeFriest) [ScreenA, ATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA
  73. Spudmonkey (2001) (Stuart McBratney) [Youtube] COM
  74. Subterano (2003) (Esben Storm (as Mort S. Seben)) [Wiki] HOR/SFI
  75. Tempe Tip (2001) (Michael Ralph) [ScreenA] COM
  76. Yolngu Boy (2001) (Stephen Johnson) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA/ADV


  77. Australian Rules (2002) (Paul Goldman) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC, ASO. Ozflix] DRA
  78. Beneath Clouds (2002) (Ivan Sen) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA
  79. Black and White (2002) (Craig Lahiff) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC, ASO] PER/DRA
  80. Blurred (2002) (Evan Clarry) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] COM
  81. Crackerjack (2002) (Paul Moloney) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC, ASO, Ozflix] COM
  82. The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (2002) (John Stainton) [Wiki] ADV/COM/ACT
  83. The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky (2002) (Paul Cox) [Wiki, M&D, ASO] BIO/DRA/MUS
  84. Dirty Deeds (2002) (David Caesar) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC, ASO] CRI/COM
  85. Eloise (2002) (Brenden Dannaher) [ScreenA] DRA/ROM
  86. Finding Joy (2002) (Carlo de Rosa) [ScreenA, M&D] COM/DRA
  87. Fishnet (2002) (Mark Savage) [FT] THR
  88. Garage Days (2002) (Alex Proyas) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] MUS/DRA/COM
  89. Ghost Ship (2002) (Steve Beck) [Wiki, M&D] HOR
  90. Guru Wayne (2002) (Letitia McQuade) [ML] COM
  91. The Hard Word (2002) (Scott Roberts) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] CRI/DRA
  92. The Killbillies (2002) (Duke Hendrix) [Wiki, WCM] HOR
  93. The Nugget (2002) (Bill Bennett) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM
  94. Queen of the Damned(2002) Michael Rymer [Wiki, M&D, UC] HOR/FAN
  95. Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002) (Phillip Noyce) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC, ASO] PER/DRA
  96. Radio Samurai (2002) (Nick Levy) [LB, Ozflix] COM/ROM
  97. The Real Thing (2002) (Stephen Amis) [LB] ROM/COM
  98. Reign in Darkness (2002) (David W. Allen, Kel Dolen) [WRM] HOR/SFI
  99. Road from Coorain (2002) (Brendon Marr) [Wiki, DVDT, ATIA] TELEMOVIE BIO/DRA
  100. Seconds to Spare(2002) (aka Operation Wolverine: Seconds to Spare) (Brian Trenchard-Smith) [Wiki, FA, ATIA] TELEMOVIE ACT/THR
  101. Secret Bridesmaids’ Business (2002) (Lynn-Maree Danzey) [Age, ATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA
  102. Something about AJ (2002) (Adam Todd) [ScreenA] BIO/DRA
  103. Swimming Upstream (2002) (Russell Mulcahy) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA
  104. Teesh and Trude (2002) (Melanie Rodriga) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA
  105. Till Human Voices Wake Us (2002) (Michael Petroni) [Wiki, Ozmovies, M&D, UC] DRA/MYS
  106. To Become One (2002) (Neil Johnson) [VV, ASA] HOR
  107. The Tracker (2002) (Rolf de Heer) [Wiki, Ozmovies, SOC, M&D, UC, ASO] PER-DRA/WES
  108. Trojan Warrior(2002) (aka Kick to the Head) (Salik Silverstein) [Wiki, UC] ACT/CRI/COM
  109. Walking on Water (2002) (Tony Ayres) [Wiki, Ozmovies. M&D, UC, ASO] DRA
  110. White Collar Blue (2002) (Ken Cameron) [ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI
  111. Willfull (2002) (Rebel Penfold-Russell) [Wiki, M&D, Ozmovies, UC] COM/FAN


  112. Alexandra’s Project (2003) (Rolf de Heer) [Wiki, SOS, M&D, UC, ASO] THR
  113. Bad Eggs (2003) (Tony Martin) [Wiki, Ozflix, M&D, UC] COM
  114. Balmain Boys(2003) (Ray Quint) [ATIA] TELEMOVIE COM/CRI
  115. Blackjack (2003) (Peter Andrikidis) [Wiki, UC, ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI
  116. A Bullet in the Arse (2003) (David Richardson, Paul Moder, Robin Brennan) [ScreenA, FF, LB] ACT/COM
  117. A Cold Summer (2003) (Paul Middleditch) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA
  118. Crazy Richard (2003) (Katrina Mathers & Dean Francis) [LSFE] COM
  119. Cubby House (2003) (aka Cubbyhouse) (Murray Fahey) [Wiki] HOR/COM
  120. Danny Deckchair (2003) (Jeff Balsmeyer) [Wiki, M&D] ROM/COM
  121. Fat Pizza (2003) (Paul Fenech) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] COM
  122. The Finished People (2003) (Khoa Do) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA
  123. Gettin’ Square (2003) (Jonathan Teplitzky) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] CRI/COM
  124. The Honourable Wally Norman (2003) (Ted Emery) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM
  125. Horseplay (2003) (Stavros Kazantzidis) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM
  126. The Inside Story (2003) (Rob Sutherland) [AFC, M&D, CP] FAN/THR
  127. Japanese Story (2003) (Sue Brooks) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA/ROM
  128. Kangaroo Jack (2003) (David McNally) [Wiki, M&D] COM/ADV
  129. Liquid Bridge (2003) (Phillip Avalon) [Wiki, UC] ACT/DRA
  130. The Long Lunch (2003) (Antony Redman) [LB] COM
  131. Max’s Dreaming (2003) (aka Deeper Than Blue) (Sandra Sciberras) [Variety] DRA/FAM/COM
  132. Mermaids (2003) (Ian Barry) [Wiki, LB] TELEMOVIE FAN/CRI
  133. Money Shot (2003) (Anna Brownfield, Lance Petrie) [ScreenA, M&D, UC] SXP/COM
  134. Nancy Nancy (2003) (Timothy Spanos) [ScreenA] MUS/COM
  135. Ned (2003) (Abe Forsythe) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM/PER/WES
  136. Ned Kelly (2003) (Gregor Jordan) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] PER/WES/DRA
  137. The Night We called it a Day (2003) (Paul Goldman) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM/DRA
  138. One Perfect Day (2003) (Paul Currie) [ScreenA, SOC, M&D, UC, Ozflix] DRA
  139. The Pact (2003) (Strath Hamilton) [Wiki, UC] THR
  140. Paradise Found (2003) (Mario Andreacchio) [Wiki, UC] PER/BIO
  141. The Postcard Bandit (2003) (Tony Tilse) [Wiki, SMH, ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI-DRA
  142. Prisoner Queen (2003) (Timothy Spanos) [MDB] COM/FAN
  143. The Rage in Placid Lake (2003) (Tony McNamara) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] COM/ROM
  144. Razor Eaters(2003) (Shannon Young) [Wiki, AICN] HOR/THR
  145. Take Away (2003) (Marc Gracie) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] COM
  146. Temptation (2003) (Tony Tilse) [ATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA
  147. Trail of Passion (2003) (Mark Savage) [LB, YouTube] THR
  148. Travelling Light (2003) (Kathryn Millard) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA
  149. The Turner Affair (2003) (Geoff Cox) [ScreenA, IFM] TELEMOVIE DRA
  150. Undead (2003) (Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig) [Wiki, M&D, UC] HOR/COM
  151. Visitors (2003) (Richard Franklin) [Wiki, UC, M&D] THR/FAN
  152. The Wannabes (2003) (aka Criminal Ways (Nick Giannopoulos) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM
  153. Watermark (2003) (Georgina Willis & Kerry Rock) [Variety, UC] CRI/MYS
  154. You Can’t Stop the Murders (2003) (Anthony Mir) [Wiki, M&D] COM/CRI


  155. The Alice(2004) (Kate Dennis) [Wiki, ASO. ATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA/ROM
  156. Big Reef (2004) (aka Troppo) (Steve Jodrell) [ATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA/ADV
  157. BlackJack: Sweet Science(2004) (Peter Andrikidis) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI/DRA
  158. The Brush Off (2004) (Sam Neill) [Wiki, Age] TELEMOVIE CRI/COM
  159. Crash Test(2004) (Sam Voutas) [ScreenA, DVDT, DR] FAN/THR/ACT
  160. The Crop (2004) (Scott Patterson) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM/DRA
  161. Darklovestory (2004) (aka Dark Love Story) (Jon Hewitt) [Innersense] DRA/ ROM
  162. Deck Dogz (2004) (Steve Pasvolsky) [Wiki, UC, ASO] ACT/DRA
  163. Defenceless: A Blood Symphony(2004) (Mark Savage) [Allmovie, Variety] HOR
  164. Dope (2004) (aka Shot of Love) (James Harkness) [FA, Age] DRA
  165. The Garth Method (2004) (Gregory Pakis) [CP, EC, Ozflix] COM/DRA
  166. Get Rich Quick (2004) (Samuel Genocchio) [ScreenA, Info] CRI
  167. Go Big (2004) (Tony Tilse) [NFL, ScreenA] TELEMOVIE ROM/COM
  168. Hamlet X(2004) (James Clayden) (ScreenA, Variety, BUFVC] DRA
  169. Human Touch (2004) (Paul Cox) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA
  170. Jessica (2004) (Peter Andrikidis) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE DRA
  171. Josh Jarman (2004) (Pip Mushin) [Wiki, UC] COM
  172. Loot (2004) (Shawn Seet) [ATIA, MDVD] TELEMOVIE CRI/DRA
  173. Lost Things (2004) (Martin Murphy) [Wiki, M&D, UC] HOR
  174. Love in the First Degree (2004) (aka Straight to You) (Michael Egan) [M&D] ROM/COM
  175. Love’s Brother (2004) (Jan Sardi) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA/COM
  176. A Man’s Gotta Do (2004) (Chris Kennedy) [Wiki, M&D, UC] CRI/COM
  177. Orange Love Story (2004) (Tom Cowan) [Variety, AF, Innersense] ROM/DRA
  178. Oyster Farmer (2004) (Anna Reeves) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA/ROM
  179. Peaches (2004) (Craig Monahan) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA
  180. Rapid Fear (2004) (Geoff Cox) [LB, FM] THR
  181. Saw (2004) (James Wan) [Wiki, M&D, UC] (Oz/US) HOR
  182. Sleep-Paralysis (2004) (Nikolaos) [Allmovie, MUBI] HOR/THR
  183. Small Claims (2004) (Cherie Nowlan) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI/DRA
  184. Somersault (2004) (Cate Shortland) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA/ART/ROM
  185. Stiff (2004) (John Clarke) [Wiki, MDVD, NFL] TELEMOVIE CRI/COM
  186. Strange Bedfellows (2004) (Dean Murphy) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM
  187. Strange James (2004) (David J. Reid) [Info] THR
  188. Sum of Existence (2004) (Jon Cohen) CRI/THR
  189. Thunderstruck (2004) (Darren Ashton) [Wiki, M&D] COM/MUS
  190. Tom White (2004) (aka Missing Tom) (Alkinos Tsilimidos) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA
  191. Under the Radar (2004) (Evan Clarry) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM/THR


  192. The Actress (2005) (Zak Hilditch) [FT] COM
  193. Australian Pie (2005) (Garnet Mae) COM
  194. BlackJack: In the Money (2005) (Ian Watson) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI/DRA
  195. BlackJack: Ace Point Game (2005) (Peter Andrikidis) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI/DRA
  196. Blacktown (2005) (Kriv Stenders) [Wiki, CP] DRA/ROM
  197. Blinky Bill’s White Christmas(2005) (Guy Gross) [Ozmovies] TELEMOVIE FAM/ANM
  198. Da Kath & Kim Code (2005) (Ted Emery) [Wiki, Age, ATIA] TELEMOVIE COM
  199. A Divided Heart (2005) (Denny Lawrence) [Wiki] PER-DRA/ROM
  200. Dreams for Life (2005) (Anna Kannava) [ScreenA, M&D, UC] DRA
  201. The Edge of the World(2005) (Shaun Jefford) [ScreenA] CRI/DRA
  202. The Extra (2005) (Kevin Carlin) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM
  203. Feed (2005) (Brett Leonard) [Wiki, Variety, BBC] CRI/HOR
  204. Fink! (2005) (aka Pros and Ex-Cons aka The Shark) (Tim Boyle) [LB, Ozflix] ACT
  205. Hating Alison Ashley (2005) (Geoff Bennett) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM
  206. Hell Has Harbour Views (2005) (Peter Duncan) [Wiki, Age, ATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA/COM
  207. The Illustrated Family Doctor (2005) (Kriv Stenders) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA/COM
  208. Irresistible (2005) (Ann Turner) [Wiki, M&D, UC] THR
  209. The Last Resort (2006) (David Farrell) [Youtube] THR
  210. Life (2005) (David Cameron) [ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI/DRA
  211. Little Fish (2005) (Rowan Woods) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] CRI/DRA
  212. Little Oberon (2005) (Kevin Carlin) [Wiki, Age, ATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA
  213. Look Both Ways (2005) (Sarah Watt) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA/COM/ROM
  214. The Magician (2005) (Scott Ryan) [Wiki, M&D] CRI/MOC
  215. Man-Thing (2005) (Brett Leonard) [Wiki, Allmovie, Moria] HOR/ACT
  216. Parallels (2005) (Ben Warner) [ScreenA] SFI
  217. The Proposition (2005) (John Hillcoat) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] WES/DRA/CRI
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  224. You and Your Stupid Mate (2005) (Marc Gracie) [Wiki, M&D] COM


  225. 37 (2006) (Murali Thalluri) [Wiki, Ozflix, M&D, UC] DRA
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  267. Wil(2006) (Jeremy Weinstein) [ScreenA, Age] COM


  268. 2 Door Mansion (2007) (aka Two Door Mansion) (David Rechtman) [News, ScreenA] COM
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  339. The Horseman (2008) (Steven Kastrissios) [Wiki, M&D, UC] CRI/THR
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  351. Performance Anxiety(2008) (Paul Dangerfield) [Wiki, website] COM/DRA/MUS
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  367. Two Fists One Heart (2008) (Shawn Seet) [Wiki, M&D, UC] ACT/DRA
  368. Under a Red Moon (2008) (Leigh Sheehan) [ScreenA] DRA
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  370. Vigilante (2008) (Aash Aaron) [TVG] CRI/ACT
  371. The View from Greenhaven (2008) (Kenn MacRae, Simon MacRae) [SMH, M&D, UC] COM/DRA


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  380. Beauty and the Beast(2009) (David Lister) [Wiki, DC] TELEMOVIE (Oz/Canada) FAN/ROM
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  382. Bitter Art (2009) (Michael Hatch) [Ozflix] COM/DRA
  383. Blessed (2009) (Ana Kokkinos) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA
  384. Blind Company (2009) (Alkinos Tsilimidos) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA
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  386. The Boys are Back (2009) (Scott Hicks) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA
  387. Braille (2009) (Matthew Chuang) [AIC] ACT/MYS
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  396. Crush (2009) (John V. Soto & Jeff Gerritsen) [Wiki, UC] HOR/MYS
  397. The Dark Lurking(2009) (aka Alien Undead aka Alien vs Zombies: The Dark Lurking) (Gregory Connors) [SM, TIC] HOR/SFI
  398. Daybreakers (2009) (Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig) [Wiki, M&D, UC] HOR/FAN/ACT
  399. The Dinner Party (2009) (Scott Murden) [HNN, SBS, UC] HOR/THR
  400. The Director’s Cut (2009) (Paul Komadina) [AL, Raindance, FF] HOR/COM
  401. Dreamland (2009) (Ivan Sen) [PO, ABC, Monthly] SFI
  402. Eraser Children (2009) (Nathan Christoffel) [Wiki, EFF] FAN/DRA/COM
  403. False Witness(2009) (aka The Diplomat) (Peter Andrikidis) [TVT] TELEMOVIE CRI/DRA
  404. Family Demons (2009) (Ursula Dabrowsky) [Wiki, SM, HN] HOR
  405. The Fourth Pillar (2009) (Leo Flander) [QE] SFI/DRA
  406. Fragment (2009) (Andrew Miles) [Ozflix, LB] HOR
  407. Home of Strangers (2009) (Doan Nguyen) [Wiki, ScreenA] ACT/DRA
  408. I Am Bish (2009) (Dave Bishop, Khrob Edmonds) [ScreenA, AL] HOR/COM/ACT
  409. I Love You Too (2009) (Daina Reid) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] COM/ROM
  410. I Wish I Were Stephanie V(2009) (Jon Cohen) [TCC, CGS, IF] ROM/DRA/COM
  411. C.U.(2009) (aka ICU) (Aash Aaron) [Wiki, 28DLA, ScreenA] CRI/THR
  412. In Her Skin (2009) (aka How to Change in 9 Weeks) (Simone North) [Wiki, 20/20] THR
  413. The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce (2009) (Michael James Rowland) [Wiki, IF, Age] PER/BIO/ACT
  414. Last Ride (2009) (Glendyn Ivin) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA
  415. Less Adolescent(2009) (Lee Galea) [PC, Film on YouTube] DRA
  416. Little Black Dress (2009) (Bramwell Noah, Dan Noah) [ScreenA] ROM/DRA/COM
  417. The Loved Ones (2009) (Sean Byrne) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] HOR/THR
  418. Lucky Country (2009) (aka Dark Frontier) (Kriv Stenders) [Wiki, M&D, UC] PER/THR
  419. The Makeover (2009) (Colm O’Murchu) [LB, ELC] COM/ROM
  420. Malibu Shark Attack (2009) (aka Mega Shark in Malibu) (David Lister) [Wiki, EFF, HP] TELEMOVIE (Oz/Canada) THR/HOR
  421. Mao’s Last Dancer (2009) (Bruce Beresford) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO, Ozflix] BIO/DRA
  422. The Marriage of Figaro (2009) (Chris Moon) [SBS, M&D, UC] COM
  423. Mary and Max (2009) (Adam Elliott) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] ANM/DRA/COM
  424. A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne (2009) (Tony Tilse) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI
  425. My Tehran for Sale (2009) (Granaz Moussavi) [Wiki, M&D, UC] (Oz/Iran) DRA
  426. My Year Without Sex (2009) (Sarah Watt) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM/ROM
  427. Offside(2009) (aka Total Football the Movie) (Gian Carlo Petraccaro) [Wiki, Alchetron, SM] COM/SPO
  428. Prey (2009) (aka The Outback, Dreamtime’s Over) (Oscar D’Roccster) [Wiki, UC, Ozflix] HOR
  429. Prime Mover (2009) (David Caesar) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM/DRA
  430. Samson and Delilah (2009) (Warwick Thornton) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO, Ozflix] DRA/ROM
  431. Saved (2009) (Tony Ayres) [EurekaS, ATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA
  432. Shadows of the Past (2009) (aka A Hell of a Ride) (Warren Ryan) [SBS] WES/DRA
  433. Stone Bros (2009) (Richard Frankland) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] COM
  434. Storage (2009) (Michael Craft) [Wiki, UC, TFR] CRI/THR
  435. Tomboys(2009) (Nathan Hill) [Wiki, SM, TOV, Ozflix] HOR/CRI
  436. Triangle (2009) (Christopher Smith) [Wiki, D&M, UC] (UK/Oz) THR/FAN
  437. Van Dieman’s Land (2009) (Jonathan auf der Heide) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] PER/DRA
  438. The Waiting City (2009) (Claire McCarthy) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA/ROM


  439. Animal Kingdom (2010) (David Michôd) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO, Ozflix] CRI/DRA
  440. Anyone You Want(2010) (Campbell Graham) [LB, Website, MA] ROM/DRA
  441. Arctic Blast(2010) (Brian Trenchard-Smith) [Wiki, UC, SM] SFI/THR
  442. The Backpacker (2010) (Dion Boland) [CN, ScreenA] HOR/THR
  443. Bad Behaviour (2010) (Joseph Stephen Sims) [Variety] HOR/THR
  444. The Beautiful and Damned (2010) (Richard Wolstencroft) [SBS, UFG] PER/DRA
  445. Beneath Hill 60 (2010) (Jeremy Sims) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] WAR/DRA
  446. Blame (2010) (Michael Henry) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA/THR
  447. Burlesque (2010) (Dominic Deacon) [SM, SC, UFF] DRA/THR
  448. Butterfly Crush (2010) (Alan Clay) [Wiki, FlicksNZ, ODT] DRA/ROM/MUS
  449. Carmilla Hyde (2010) (David De Vries) [DR, TR, Ozflix] THR
  450. Caught Inside (2010) (Michael Blaiklock) [SBS, UC] ADV/THR
  451. Centre Place(2010) (Ben Shackleford) [de, ScreenA, Ozflix] ROM/DRA
  452. Charge Over You(2010) (Regardt Steenekamp) [Amazon, BOR] DRA/THR
  453. The Clinic (2010) (James Rabbitts) [Wiki, SM, KR] CRI/HOR
  454. The Counterpart (2010) (Lucas Scheffel) [FB, Ozflix] ACT/COM
  455. Damned by Dawn (2010) (Brett Anstey) [Wiki, SM, DBD] HOR
  456. The Devil’s 6 Commandments(2010) (Dicky Tanuwidjaya) [Amazon, website, ScreenA] ACT/COM/THR
  457. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2010) (Troy Nixey) [Wiki, Ebert, UC] FAN/HOR
  458. El monstro del mar!(2010) (Stuart Simpson) [SBS, DR, EFF] HOR
  459. Esoterica (2010) (Sam Barrett) [SM] THR
  460. Face to Face (2010) (Michael Rymer) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA
  461. Girl Clock!(2010) (Jennifer Ussi) [Wiki, ScreenA, Amazon, Ozflix] COM
  462. Griff the Invisible (2010) (Leon Ford) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM/ADV/ROM
  463. Hawke (2010) (Emma Freeman) [TVT, ATIA] TELEMOVIE BIO
  464. How to Be a SexStar(2010) (Nick Levy) [ScreenA, Amazon, Ozflix] COM
  465. Jucy (2010) (Louise Alston) [SBS, UC] COM
  466. Kings of Mykonos: Wog Boy 2 (2010) (Peter Andrikidis) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM
  467. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (2010) (Zack Snyder) [Wiki, M&D, UC] FAM/ANM
  468. Little Sparrows (2010) (Yu-Hsiu Camille Chen) [Variety, DVDT] DRA
  469. The Little Things(2010) (Neil McGregor) [Wiki] DRA
  470. Lou (2010) (Belinda Chayko) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA
  471. Mad Bastards (2010) (Brendan Fletcher) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] DRA
  472. Matching Jack (2010) (Nadia Tass) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA
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  474. Needle (2010) (John V. Soto) [Wiki, SBS, UC] HOR
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  476. The Nothing Men (2010) (Mark Fitzpatrick) [SBS, M&D, UC] DRA/THR
  477. Nude Study(2010) (Stefan Popescu) [Amazon, GF, Ozflix] (Oz/Canada) DRA/ROM
  478. Oranges and Sunshine (2010) (Jim Loach) [Wiki, M&D, UC] (Oz/UK) DRA/BIO
  479. The Pawn(2010) (David Brand) [ScreenA, UFJ] HOR/MYS
  480. A Perfect Life(2010) (Jith Sen) [Amazon] THR/HOR
  481. Primal (2010) (Josh Reed) [Wiki, Variety, SM] HOR
  482. Purge(2010) (David King) [S66, AmazonRSP] SFI
  483. Red Hill (2010) (Patrick Hughes) [Wiki, M&D, UC] THR/WES
  484. The Reef (2010) (Andrew Traucki) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix HOR
  485. Ricky! The Movie (2010) (Liam Firmager) [Ozflix] COM
  486. Road Train (2010) (aka Road Kill) (Dean Francis) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] HOR
  487. Sanctum (2010) (Alister Grierson) [Wiki, M&D, UC] ADV/THR
  488. Slaughtered(2010) (Kate Glover) [DR, SM] HOR
  489. South Solitary (2010) (Shirley Barrett) [Wiki, M&D, UC] PER/DRA
  490. Summer Coda (2010) (Richard Gray) [M&D, UC, Ozflix] DRA/ROM
  491. Tomorrow When The War Began (2010) (Stuart Beattie) [Wiki, M&D, UC] ADV/DRA
  492. The Tree (2010) (Julie Bertuccelli) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA
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  496. Wicked Love (2010) (aka Wicked Love: The Maria Korp Story) (Ian Watson) [Wiki, TVT, ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI/DRA


  497. 33 Postcards (2011) (Pauline Chan) [Wiki, 2020MR, AFR] DRA/CRI
  498. Alien Inhabitant(2011) (James Howarth) [RC, Amazon] DRA/CRI/FAN
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  509. The Dragon Pearl (2011) (Mario Andreacchio) [Wiki, SBS, FHT] (Oz/China) FAM/ADV
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  579. Isolate (2012) (Martyn Park) [Wiki, FA, Ozflix] HOR/MYS
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  581. Jack Irish: Black Tide (2012) (Jeffrey Walker) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI/DRA
  582. Kath and Kimderella (2012) (Ted Emery) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] COM
  583. The King is Dead (2012) (Rolf de Heer) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] THR/COM
  584. Last Dance (2012) (David Pulbrook) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA/THR
  585. Mabo (2012) (Rachel Perkins) [Wiki, HSun, ATIA] BIO
  586. Mental (2012) (P.J. Hogan) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM
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  588. Muirhouse(2012) (Tanzeal Rahim) [Variety, SM, SBS] HOR/THR
  589. The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (2012) (Shawn Seet) [Wiki, TVT, ATIA] PER/CRI
  590. Not Suitable for Children (2012) (Peter Templeman) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM/ROM
  591. Nowhere Else (2012) (aka Bat Outta Hell aka Like a Bat Outta Hell) (Danial Donai) [HNN, ABN] HOR/THR
  592. The Nullarbor Nymph(2012) (Mathew J. Wilkinson) [SM, DVDW, HHB] COM/HOR/MOC
  593. Raven’s Cabin(2012) (Loren Johnson) [HT, UKHS, Ozflix] THR
  594. Redd Inc. (2012) (aka Inhuman Resources aka Headhunt) (Daniel Krige) [SBS, SM, TLE, Ozflix] HOR/THR
  595. The Sapphires (2012) (Wayne Blair) [Wiki, M&D, UC] MUS/COM/DRA
  596. Satellite Boy (2012) (Catriona McKenzie) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA/ADV
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  598. Scumbus (2012) (Luke Tierney) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE COM
  599. Six Lovers (2012) (Laurent Boulanger) [BTM, Ozflix] DRA
  600. Sleeper (2012) (aka Outback Revenge) (Dru Brown) [Wiki, 28days, HNN] HOR/ACT
  601. Thirst (2012) (Robert Carter) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA
  602. The Three Ages of Sasha(2012) (Probir Dutt) [ScreenA, Vimeo] DRA
  603. Underground: The Julian Assange Story (2012) (Robert Connolly) [Wiki, ATIA] BIO/DRA
  604. Undertow(2012) (Dale G. Bradley) [Amazon] TELEMOVIE THR
  605. Wakey Wakey(2012) (Adrian Goodman) [FB, WC, SR] THR/DRA
  606. Wish You Were Here (2012) (Kieran Darcy-Smith) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA/MYS


  607. 52 Tuesdays (2013) (Sophie Hyde) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] DRA
  608. Absolute Deception (2013) (Brian Trenchard-Smith) [Wiki, M&D, UC] (Oz/US) ACT
  609. Absolutely Modern (2013) (Philippe Mora) [Wiki, IF] DRA
  610. An Accidental Soldier (2013) (Rachel Ward) [Wiki, Aust, ATIA] TELEMOVIE DRA
  611. Adoration (2013) (aka Adore aka Two Mothers) (Anne Fontaine) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA/ROM
  612. Around the Block (2013) (Sarah Spillane) [Wiki, TIC, UC, Ozflix] DRA
  613. Backyard Ashes (2013) (Mark Grentell) [Wiki, Ozflix, SMH, AH, UC] COM
  614. The Big Noise(2013) (Dominic Pelosi) [CP, FT, TIC] COM
  615. Blinder (2013) (Richard Gray) [Wiki, M&D, SBS, Ozflix] DRA/ROM
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  619. Cliffy (2013) (Dean Murphy) [Wiki, Variety, ATIA] TELEMOVIE BIO
  620. Darkfall Resurrection(2013) (William Goldwyn) [POGD, ScreenA, M18] SFI/ROM
  621. Deadtime(2013) (Rody Claude) [LB, CM-NL] CRI/THR
  622. Deceit(2013) (Dale Sadler) [Amazon] DRA/THR
  623. Drift (2013) (Ben Nott, Morgan O’Neill) [Wiki, SBS, M&D, UC] DRA/ACT
  624. Felony (2013) (Matthew Saville) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] THR/CRI
  625. Final Move(2013) (Jon Cohen) [AMW, ScreenA] THR/CRI
  626. The Follower(2013) (aka The Follower: The Slender Man Documentary) (Tom Goodall) [YouTube, FFC] HOR/MOC
  627. Forbidden Ground (2013) (aka Battle Ground) (Johan Earl, Adrian Powers) [Wiki, SBS, UC, Ozflix] WAR/DRA
  628. Foreshadow (2013) (Carmelo Musca) [Wiki, FS, Ozflix] FAN/THR
  629. Foresight Killer Instinct(2013) (Duncan Cunningham) [SS, FS, Amazon] HOR/ACT
  630. Galore (2013) (Rhys Graham) [SMH, M&D, UC] DRA
  631. Goddess (2013) (Mark Lamprell) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] MUS/COM
  632. The Great Gatsby (2013) (Baz Luhrmann) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA
  633. House of Cards(2013) (Ian Chinsee) [FS, FT, IM] ACT/DRA
  634. The Joe Manifesto(2013) (Gregory Pakis) [ScreenA, Ozflix, FB] DRA/ROM
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  637. Love of my Life (2013) (Michael Budd) [Wiki, SM] HOR/THR
  638. McLean’s Money (2013) (Gerald Lawson) [Ozflix] DRA
  639. Model Behaviour(2013) (Nathan Hill) [Wiki, Amazon, SM, Ozflix] ACT/THR
  640. MurderDrome(2013) (Daniel Armstrong) [FS, UKHS, HP] HOR/ACT
  641. Mystery Road (2013) (Ivan Sen) [Wiki, M&D, UC] CRI/DRA
  642. Monster Pies(2013) (Lee Galea) [LB, CQ, TMM] DRA/ROM
  643. The Navigator (2013) (Eddie Arya) [HNN] THR
  644. Nerve(2013) (Sebastien Guy) [Wiki, Holl, SBS] THR/DRA
  645. Nim’s Island 2 (2013) (aka Return to Nim’s Island) (Brendan Maher) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] FAM/ADV
  646. The Outlaw Michael Howe (2013) (Brendan Cowell) [Wiki, FB, ATIA, Ozflix] WES/ACT
  647. Patrick (2013) (Mark Hartley) [Wiki, M&D, UC] HOR
  648. The Playbook (2013) (Darran Scott) [BOR, CFD] DRA
  649. Reverse Runner (2013) (Lachlan Ryan, Jarrod Theodore) [Wiki, SBS, TOV, Ozflix] COM/FAM/DRA
  650. Rites of Passage(2013) (Phillip Crawford, Mary Callaghan, Gemma Parsons) [SJFF, LB] DRA
  651. Submerge (2013) (Sophie O’Connor) [SMH, LOTL, MQFF, POT] DRA/ROM
  652. The Sunset Six(2013) (Jeremy Stanford) [SMH, ScreenA, FS] DRA/MUS
  653. Theatre of the Dead (2013) (Patrick J. Gallagher) [DR] HOR/THR
  654. These Final Hours (2013) (Zak Hilditch) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] THR/SFI
  655. Travis Jenkins(2013) (Sam Doyon, Morgan Way) [FullTV, Lib] CRI/THR
  656. The Turning (2013) (17 Directors) [Wiki, M&D, Ozflix] DRA
  657. Vessel (2013) (Adam Ciancio) [Holl, EFC, SA] SFI
  658. Wolf Creek 2 (2013) (Greg McLean) [Wiki, Ebert, UC, Ozflix] HOR/THR


  659. 1500 Steps(2014) (Josh Reid) [BOR] DRA
  660. 54 Days(2014) (Tim R. Lea) [Wiki, UKHS, SS] DRA/THR/SFI
  661. 500 Miles(2014) (Ashlee Jensen) [Amazon, FT, FF] DRA/ROM
  662. Apocalyptic (2014) Glenn Triggs) [SM, Ozflix, UKHS] HOR/MYS
  663. Australiens(2014) (Joe Bauer) [FS, RC, HN] SFI/COM
  664. The Babadook (2014) (Jennifer Kent) [Wiki, Guardian, UC, Ozflix] HOR
  665. Beckoning the Butcher(2014) (Dale Trott) [HNN, UKHC, DC, Ozflix] HOR/THR
  666. Beyond Redemption: Space Captain (2014) (Paul Day) [Amazon, LB] SFI/COM
  667. The Broken Shore (2014) (Rowan Woods) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI
  668. Carlotta (2014) (Samantha Lang) [QG, IRIS, TConv, ATIA] TELEMOVIE BIO/DRA
  669. Charlie’s Farm (2014) (Chris Sun) [Wiki, HT, UKHS] HOR/COM
  670. Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla(2014) (Stuart Simpson) [MP, Amazon, UKHS, Ozflix] DRA/COM
  671. Convict (2014) (George Basha) [SBS, Aust, TOV, UC, Ozflix] CRI/ACT
  672. Cut Snake (2014) (Tony Ayres) [Wiki, Holl, EFF, UC] THR
  673. Dinosaur Island(2014) (Matt Drummond) [Wiki, MSUK, CSM, Ozflix] FAM/ADV
  674. Escape to Entrapment(2014) (Carolyn Harris) [Amazon, FB] DRA/MYS
  675. Fat Pizza vs. Housos (2014) (Paul Fenech) [Wiki, UC] COM
  676. Fell (2014) (Kasimir Burgess) [SMH, SBS, Curn, CinAus, Ozflix] DRA
  677. Healing (2014) (Craig Monahan) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] DRA
  678. The Heckler (2014) (Ben Plazzer) [UC, SM, J&E, Ozflix] COM
  679. I, Frankenstein (2014) (Stuart Beattie) [Wiki, Variety, Guardian, Ebert] (US/Oz) FAN/HOR
  680. The Infinite Man (2014) (Hugh Sullivan) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] COM/SFI
  681. Inner Demon (2014) (Ursula Dabrowsky) [SOS, UKHC, ATH] HOR/THR
  682. Jack Irish: Dead Point (2014) (Jeffrey Walker) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI/DRA
  683. John Doe: Vigilante (2014) (Kelly Dolen) [Wiki, UC, Holl, Ebert, Ozflix] CRI/THR
  684. Kill Me Three Times (2014) (Kriv Stenders) [Wiki, SBS, DVDT] CRI/COM/THR
  685. Killervision(2014) (Dale Trott) [Amazon, CC, HMU] DRA/HOR/THR
  686. Killing Field (2014) (Samantha Lang) [Wiki, Aust, FS ATIA] TELEMOVIE CRI
  687. The Little Death (2014) (Josh Lawson) [Wiki, M&D, Guardian, UC] DRA/COM
  688. Love is Now (2014) (Jim Lounsbury) [CinAust, SMH, FMD] DRA/ROM/MYS
  689. Maya the Bee Movie(2014) (Alexs Stadermann) [Wiki, Variety, EFF] (Oz/Germany) FAM/ANM
  690. The Mule (2014) (Tony Mahony, Angus Sampson) [Wiki, M&D, UC] COM
  691. My Mistress (2014) (Stephen Lance) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA/ROM
  692. Ninja Immovable Heart(2014) (Rob Baard, John Balazs) [ScreenA, FM, Amazon] ACT
  693. One Eyed Girl (2014) (Nick Matthews) [Wiki, SMH, UC] DRA/THR
  694. Paper Planes (2014) (Robert Connolly) [Wiki, Holl, UC, Ozflix] FAM
  695. Predestination (2014) (Spierig brothers) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] SFI
  696. Parer’s War (2014) (Alister Grierson) [Aust, ATIA] TELEMOVIE BIO/WAR
  697. The Reckoning (2014) (John V. Soto) [SMH, SMH2, UC] CRI/THR
  698. Rise (2014) (Mack Lindon) [Wiki, TIC, UC, Ozflix] CRI/DRA
  699. The Rover (2014) (David Michôd) [Wiki, M&D, UC, Ozflix] ACT/THR
  700. Schapelle (2014) (Khoa Do) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE BIO
  701. Son of a Gun (2014) (Julius Avery) [Wiki, M&D, UC] ACT/CRI
  702. Sororal (2014) (Sam Barrett) [HCF, UKHS] HOR/THR
  703. Start Options Exit (2014) (Yoav Lester, Christopher H.F. Mitchell) [SMH, FS] COM/DRA
  704. The Suicide Theory (2014) (Dru Brown) [Wiki, Holl, Variety] DRA
  705. Sunday (2014) (Michelle Joy Lloyd) [SS, UC] DRA/ROM
  706. Talking Back at Thunder (2014) (Aaron Davison, Este Heyns) [Wiki, Ozflix] CRI/DRA
  707. There’s Something in the Pilliga (2014) (Dane Millerd) [FS, HP, Ozflix] HOR
  708. Throwback (2014) (Travis Bain) [HP, HN, Ozflix] ADV/HOR
  709. Tracks (2014) (John Curran) [Wiki, M&D, UC] BIO/ADV
  710. Turkey Shoot (2014) (aka Elimination Game) (Jon Hewitt) [Wiki, Curn, UC, Ozflix] ACT
  711. Twisted Minds (2014) (James Pentecost) [Amazon] HOR/THR
  712. Under a Kaleidoscope(2014) (Addison Heath) [FS, NUK] COM/THR
  713. The Water Diviner (2014) (Russell Crowe) [Wiki, UC] PER/WAR
  714. Wild Justice (2014) (Julian Cheah) [SMT, HS] ACT
  715. William Kelly’s War (2014) (aka The Stolen) (Geoff Davis) [Wiki, Guardian, UC] WAR/DRA
  716. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014) (Kiah Roache-Turner) [Wiki, NYT, SBS, Guardian] ACT/HOR/COM
  717. Zoe.Misplaced (2014) (Mekelle Mills) [CinAus, FA] COM/ROM/DRA


  718. Alex & Eve (2015) (Peter Andrikidis) [Wiki, Guardian, SMH, UC, Ozflix] ROM/COM
  719. All about E (2015) (aka The Trouble with E) (Louise Wadley) [ScreenA, AE] COM/ROM
  720. Alvin’s Harmonious World of Opposites (2015) (Platon Theodoris) [Guardian, FilmInk] FAN/COM
  721. Ambrosia(2015) (Rhiannon Bannenberg) [Amazon, LB, FB] DRA
  722. Backtrack (2015) (Michael Petroni) [Wiki, Guardian, UC, Ozflix] HOR/MYS
  723. Beast (2015) (Sam McKeith, Tom McKeith) [Variety, Holl] (Oz/Philippines) CRI/DRA
  724. Bedlam(2015) (Chew Barker) [Amazon, IC, CS] HOR/THR
  725. Blinky Bill The Movie (2015) (Deane Taylor, Alexs Stadermann) [Wiki, UC] FAM/ANM
  726. Broken Contract (2015) (James Pentecost) [FA, Ozflix] CRI/COM/ACT
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  978. The Furies (2019) (Tony D’Aquino) [HorP, FB, GCFF] HOR/THR*
  979. H Is For Happiness (2019) (John Sheedy) [ScreenD, MIFF, Variety]  FAM/DRA/COM*
  980. Hang on to Your Hanger-Ons (2019) (Edvard Christie, Haavard Christie) [DVD, FF, HeiMary] COM/DRA
  981. Hearts and Bones (2019) (Ben Lawrence) [SFF, SD, Flicks] DRA*
  982. I am Mother  (2019) (Grant Sputore) [Ebert, Variety, ScrDaily] SFI/THR*
  983. I Am Woman (2019) (Unjoo Moon) [Wiki, HollyRep, Variety, Flicks]  BIO/DRA*
  984. Judy and Punch (2019) (Mirrah Foulkes) [Variety, FilmStage, ScreenA] DRA*
  985. Little Monsters  (2019) (Abe Forsythe) [Variety, HollRep, Ebert] COM/HOR*
  986. Locusts (2019) (Heath Davis) [Wiki, SMH, FilmInk]  CRI/THR
  987. Maybe Tomorrow (2019) (Caitlin Farrugia, Michael Jones) [CinAus, FilmInk, ScSp] COM/DRA
  988. Me & My Left Brain (2019) (Alex Lykos) [FilmInk] COM/ROM
  989. Measure for Measure (2019) (Paul Ireland) [SreenD, MIFF, FDude] DRA*
  990. The Naked Wanderer (2019) (Alan Lindsay) [Website, SMH]  COM/ROM*
  991. Outback (2019) (Mike Green) [CinAus, Ink, Curb] THR*
  992. Palm Beach (2019) (Rachel Ward) [Guardian, Flicks, HollyR]  COM/DRA*
  993. Promised (2019) (Nick Conidi, Tony Ferrieri, Nathan Primmer) [SMH, FilmInk, Blerg] DRA/ROM
  994. Quanta (2019) (Nathan Dalton) [Website, FB, Amazon] SFI, DRA*
  995. Reflections in the Dust (2018) (Luke Sullivan) [SMH, FilmInk, ScreenHub] DRA*
  996. Repent or Perish! (2019) (Matthew Victor Pastor) [FB, PSC] DRA*
  997. Ride Like a Girl (2019) (Rachel Griffiths) [Wiki, ABC, Age, ABC Conversation, Blerg, Guardian] FAM/DRA/SPO
  998. A Second Chance: Rivals! (2019) (Clay Glen) [ACCM, iTunes, YouTube] FAM/DRA/SPO
  999. Sequin in a Blue Room (2019) (Samuel Van Grinsven) [SFF, FB, CinAus] DRA *
  1000. Standing Up for Sunny (2019) (Steven Vidler) [SFF, Ink, CinAus] COM/DRA/ROM*
  1001. Storm Boy (2019) (Shawn Seet) [Wiki, Age, Guardian, Variety]  FAM/DRA
  1002. Suburban Wildlife (2019) (Imogen McCluskey) [GWP, Ink, SFF] DRA*
  1003. Top End Wedding (2019) (Wayne Blair) [EyeFF, Ebert, Solzy] COM/ROM
  1004. True History of the Kelly Gang (2019) (Justin Kurzel) [Wiki, Guardian, Variety, HollyRep, Ebert, FilmInk] PER/CRI/ACT
  1005. Two Heads Creek (2019) (Jesse O’Brien) [FilmInk, ScreenSpace, Nova] HOR/COM


  1006. 2067 (2020) (Seth Larney) [Wiki, REbert, Variety, HollyRep] SFI
  1007. Aiyai: Wrathful Soul (2020) (Ilanthirayan Arumugam) [Wiki, Switch, India Times] HOR/THR
  1008. Black Water: Abyss (2020) (Andrew Traucki) [Screen Space, Ebert, Guardian, Variety] ACT/HOR/DRA
  1009. Bloodshot Heart (2020) (Parish Malfitano) [ScreenHub, FilmInk, PureS] DRA/THR
  1010. Bloody Hell (2020) (Alister Grierson) [FilmInk, Film Threat, Film Inquiry HOR/THR
  1011. Combat Wombat (2020) (Ricard Cusso) [ScreenHub, StuffNZ, Curb] ANM/FAM/FAN
  1012. Disclosure (2020) (Michael Bentham) [Film Threat, 48hills, PCLO, BRWC] DRA
  1013. Don’t Read This on a Plane(2020) ( Stuart McBratney) [Amazon, IJM, AoM] COM/DRA
  1014. The Dry (2020) (Robert Connolly) [Wiki, Flicks, SceneStr] DRA/CRI/MYS
  1015. Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie’s Dead Aunt) (2020) (Monica Zanetti) [AFL, Darren, SBS, WIL] COM
  1016. The Flood (2020) (Victoria Wharfe McIntyre) [REbert, DirtyMovies, HolRep, Aust] DRA/WES
  1017. The Furnace (2020) (Roderick MacKay) [Guardian, HollyRep, Variety, Indiewire] PER/WES
  1018. Go Karts (2020) (aka Go!) (Owen Trevor) [SMH, FilmInk, (ScreenInt] FAM/ACT
  1019. High Ground (2020) (Stephen Johnson) [Wiki, HollyRep, Variety, SD] ACT/THR
  1020. I Met a Girl (2020) (Luke Eve) [Wiki, Film Gate, Movie Nation] DRA/ROM
  1021. An Ideal Host (2020) (Robert Woods) [BFCUK, RSC, MAM, Nerdly] HOR/COM/SFI
  1022. The Legend of the Five (2020) (Joanne Samuel) [Screen-Space, ACCM, Sliver] ADV/FAN
  1023. A Lion Returns (2020) (Serhat Caradee) [SMH, FilmInk, Stratton] DRA
  1024. Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears (2020) (Tony Tilse) [Wiki, Guardian, AFL, SMH] ADV/ROM
  1025. Moon Rock for Monday (2020) (Kurt Martin) [FilmInk, CinAus] DRA*
  1026. Never Too Late (2020) (Mark Lamprell) [Wiki, Variety, CSM] COM/DRA/ROM
  1027. Occupation: Rainfall (2020) (Luke Sparke) [Wiki, Stratton, Time Out, ScreenHub] ACF/SFI
  1028. On Halloween (2020) Timothy Boyle) [MAM, Amazon]  HOR
  1029. Paper Champions (2020) (Jo-Anne Brechin) [The Age, ATW, Umbrella] COM
  1030. Penguin Bloom (2020) (Glendyn Ivin) [Wiki, Variety, Guardian, Ebert, ReelFilm] DRA
  1031. Rams (2020) (Jeremy Sims) [Wiki, Guardian, SMH, Paatsch, ArtsHub] COM
  1032. Redemption (2020) (Uttam Mukherjee) [iTunes, IndiaLink. Amazon] CRI/THR
  1033. Relic (2020) (Natalie Erika James) [HollyRep, Ebert, HBuzz] DRA/HOR*
  1034. Romance on the Menu (2020) (Rosie Lourde) [Wiki, TLDRNetflix] ROM/COM
  1035. The Screaming Silent (2020) (David Davidson) [Amazon, MoviesR, Tim]  HOR/DRA
  1036. A Sunburnt Christmas (2020) (Christiaan Van Vuuren) [Stan, IF] TELEMOVIE COM
  1037. Sweet River (2020) (Justin McMillan) [HoH, Netflix, IF] HOR/MYS/THR
  1038. Swimming for Gold (2020) (Hayley MacFarlane) [Film Gate, Cath, CMarv] FAM/SPO
  1039. The Taverna (2020) (Alkinos Tsilimidos) [FilmInk, SCE, SMH] COM
  1040. Time Apart (2020) (Ric Forster) [Amazon, Site] SFI/DRA*
  1041. Unsound (2020) (Ian Watson) [Website, Utah, MUBI, FilmInk, ScreenA]  DRA*
  1042. The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee (2020) (Dean Murphy) [Screen Space, SMH, Guardian, Schembri] COM
  1043. We’re Not Here to Fuck Spiders (2020) (Josh Reed) [CultPro} CRI*
  1044. What Goes Around (2020) (Sam Hamilton) [Amazon, S-Space, Curb, Nerdly] HOR
  1045. Friends and Strangers (2021) (James Vaughan) [Adrian Martin, ScreenSpace, Filmuforia] COM/DRA
  1046. Kidnapped (2021) (aka Kidnapped in Paradise) (Vic Sarin) [Geeks, BDG, Shattered Lens] DRA/THR
  1047. Long Story Short (2021) (Josh Lawson) [Wiki, Guardian, ScreenHub, ABC, Blurb] ROM/COM

* indicates Festival Only Releases

[List updated to 20 Mar 2021]

The Grey List

These 150 films were completed in the 2000s but I could find no solid evidence of the films being released at a cinema, online or on DVD – particularly no reviews or release information (some may have been shown at a festival, or for a very limited run at an independent cinema, and then disappeared). If someone can provide more information on any of these films, they can be moved to the main list. (There are also a lot of other Australian films listed on IMDb with only a handful or no-user votes and very little other information to confirm that they were actually completed. I have left these films off this list, but information on the status of these films would be appreciated.)

  1. 10 Days to Die(2010) (Casie Coddington, Elaine Niessner, Michael Sergi) HOR/THR
  2. 10 Metres(2012) (Rory Noke) [SMSC] ACT/THR
  3. 1MC: Something of Vengeance(2010) (Martyn Park) [FA] COM/CRI
  4. 3rd Night(2017) (Adam Graveley) [FB, LHUK] HOR
  5. Ad Nauseam (2014) (Nikos Andronicos) [TIC] COM
  6. Agent E7685 (2012) (aka Agent Provocateur) James Richards) [GCB] ACT
  7. Alfa Maschi (2016) (Jeremy Hill) ACT/CRI
  8. Almost (2007) Chris Burnham) [SA-List, ScreenA] COM
  9. And She Said… (2001) (Liesl Cosh, Edie Dussell, John Gilbert, Sonya Humphrey, Ashlee Page) [Student film, later put on Youtube] DRA
  10. And Sometimes They’re Both(2006) (David Rust) DRA
  11. Artistic Lives (2003) (Will Bligh) [ScreenA] DRA
  12. Aussie Park Boyz: The Next Chapter (2011) (Nunzio La Bianca) ACT
  13. Battle Therapy(2007) (Roland Haddad) [ScreenA, website] COM/ROM
  14. Battle Therapy Too(2007) (Sam Kanj, Angela Pezzano) [ScreenA] COM/DRA
  15. Before the Rain(2010) (Craig Boreham, Nick Clifford, Stephen de Villiers, CJ Johnson) [Wiki] DRA
  16. Beyond Redemption(2011) (Paul Day) SFI
  17. Birth of a Warrior(2012) (Gordon Waddell) ACT
  18. Blue Lies(2008) (Gerald Lawson) [SA-List, ScreenA] DRA
  19. Border Protection Squad(2015) (Ed Kavalee) COM
  20. Boronia Backpackers(2011) (Timothy Spanos) DRA
  21. Breaking Point (2001) (Ben Warner) [ScreenA] DRA
  22. Brizbin Boy Canberra Girl(2004) (Patrick N. Hine) ROM/DRA
  23. Bubblegum(2016) (Addison Heath) [FB] COM/CRI
  24. Callabona Red(2009) (Martin Ponferrada) [FF] MYS/THR
  25. Charlie Bonnet(2012) (Stuart Stanton) [ScreenA] COM
  26. Colorful Dead Things(2009) (Fabian Lapham) COM/DRA
  27. The Colour of Darkness(2017) (Girish Makwana) [SBS] DRA
  28. The Count(2012) (Luke Launer) HOR/THR
  29. The Course(2007) (Miranda Edmonds) [ScreenA] COM/ROM
  30. Cracking On (2003) (John Meagher) [SA-List, ScreenA] DRA/COM
  31. The Critic (2012) (Mark T. Rasmussen) DRA
  32. The Cruel World (2003) (Michael Henry) DRA
  33. Cryptopticon(2010) (Phillip Marzella) SFI/CRI
  34. Dad (2018) (Rob Lobosco) [FB] DRA
  35. Damaged (2015) (Maha Wilson) [FB] DRA
  36. Dead Moon Circus(2012) (James Peniata) FAN/ACT/COM
  37. The Dead Speak Back (2013) (Jason Sweeney, Julie Byrne) [Indaily] MYS
  38. The Decadent and Depraved(2017) (Axel August, Jordon Prince-Wright) ACT/COM
  39. Devil’s Gateway(2007) (Alexander Herget) [ScreenA] HOR
  40. Die for Real(2009) (Mike Green, Ryder Grindle) [IF mention] HOR/THR
  41. Don’t Show Mother(2010) (Mathew J. Wilkinson) DRA/THR
  42. Down Under Mystery Tour(2009) (Michael Noonan) [ScreenA] COM
  43. Ektopos(2011) (Ben Shackleford) [ScreenA] SFI
  44. Emulsion (2006) (Jonathan Ogilvie) [ScreenA, SOS] DRA
  45. Enemies Closer(2000) (Steven Aldridge) THR
  46. Fearless Game(2014) (Patricia Guimaraes) [ScreenA, FB] THR
  47. The 5th Shadow (2018) (Dave Sparx) [FB, CinAus] THR
  48. Found Footage(2011) ( Samuel Bartlett, Matt Doran) [POVH] HOR
  49. Free of Thought (2016) DRA
  50. Frozen Butterflies(2009) (Mark Lipkin) [SA-List] DRA
  51. Further We Search(2009) (Darius Devas) [CA] DRA
  52. Ghar Pardes(2009) (Vimal Reddy) DRA/MUS
  53. Green Fire Envy(2008) (Jessica Lytton) [ScreenA, website] DRA/CRI
  54. Guardian (2002) (Ben Warner) [ScreenA] HOR/SFI
  55. Hard Heat(2008) (Iwan Cornelius) [ScreenA] COM
  56. Hens Night (2013) (Garnet Mae) [ScreenA] COM
  57. Heroes Crossing(2010) (Adom Carter) ADV
  58. Heron’s Story(2008) (Aaron J. March) DRA
  59. Horizons Crossing(2011) (Dagan Herceg) DRA/THR
  60. The Hostages (2002) (Catherine Millar) TELEMOVIE DRA
  61. The House Cleaner(2013) (Timothy Spanos) [MUFF] DRA
  62. The Hunters’ Club (2018) (aka Skateboard or Die) (Kit McDee) [MIFF] ACT/COM/THR
  63. I Am Evangeline (2015) (Christine Rogers) [ScreenA] SFI/THR
  64. I Am Orpheus(2012) (Adom Carter) [GA] DRA
  65. Iced Lolly (2003) (Stephan Kern, Seumas Next) [ScreenA] ADV
  66. In Blood(2002) (Matt Moss) HOR
  67. In My Image(2003) (Scot McPhie) [ScreenA] DRA
  68. Indefinite(2015) (Kane George Jason) DRA
  69. Indigo Lake(2017) (Martin Simpson) [ScreenA] ROM/THR
  70. Infected Paradise(2014) (Julian Cheah) [FB] HOR
  71. Irreversible Choices(2016) (John K-ay, Young Martin) CRI/ROM
  72. Jenny Dixon Beach(2011) (Christopher Halling) HOR
  73. Jet Set (2001) (Jonathan Ogilvie) [SOS, ScreenA] DRA
  74. Jugular(2014) (JJ DeCeglie) [IF] THR
  75. Just Like U (2011) (Peter Cannon) DRA
  76. Justice Squad(2012) (Daniel Lawrance) [TIC] COM/DRA
  77. Kerion(2014) (Glenn Ellis) SFI/DRA
  78. Kissing Paris (2008) (Anna Kannava) [Innersense] DRA/ROM
  79. Laughing Stock (2005) (Geoff Davis) [Info] COM
  80. The Legend Maker (2015) (Ian Pringle) [MIFF] CRI
  81. Lieutenant Jangles(2018) (Nicolas Champeaux) [FB] COM
  82. Life Class (2016) (Tom Cowan) [PSCMovie] PER/DRA/COM
  83. Life of the Party (2017) (Michael Budd) [FB, ScreenA] COM/DRA
  84. Lizzi (2007) (aka Lizzi and Johnny) (Stephen Huthnance) [SA-List, Filmsite, ScreenA] CRI/ACT
  85. Locks of Love(2014) (Evan Croker, Bruce Davie, Christian Doran, Luke Hendrickson, Kris Kerehona, Daniel Lloyd, Marisa Martin, Adele Morey, Micael Ortiz, Julia Topal Silva, Ben Wade, Megan Watson, Jane Barrett, Morgan Gardiner, Jim Wilks) [Ozflix] DRA
  86. Love and Love Only(2015) (Julian Karikalan) COM/DRA/ROM
  87. Love Socks(2015) (Shailla Quadra) [PS] COM/DRA/ROM
  88. Love You Krishna (2016) (Stanley Joseph) (India/Oz) COM/DRA/ROM
  89. Lovesick(2003) (Bill Mousoulis) [UC, Innersense] DRA/ROM
  90. Lurking Woods(2016) (Rizal Halim) THR
  91. Magnificent Deed (2003) (Shahrzad Davarkhah) [ScreenA] COM/FAM
  92. Max: A Cautionary Tale(2003) (Nicholas Verso) [ScreenA, FT] HOR/THR
  93. Merchant of Fairness (2002) (Shane Luther) [ScreenA] DRA/ROM/COM
  94. Mikey’s Extreme Romance(2011) (Jamie Lewis) COM/ROM
  95. Moloch (2001) (Ernest Clark) [ScreenA] HOR
  96. Monster(IV) (2010) (Robert Aldrich, James Howarth) ADV/COM
  97. Mortal Fools(2008) (Phil Moore) [FA] COM
  98. Mosaic(2005) (Aaron Catling) [ScreenA, Variety mention] DRA
  99. My Cornerstone (2013) (Stanley Joseph) COM/DRA/ROM
  100. Mystery: Born to Rock(2014) (Neil Johnson, Steve Ravic) MUS/DRA
  101. Never Forget (2016) (Jon Bling) DRA/ROM
  102. Newton’s 3rd Law (2011) (Stanley Joseph) ACT
  103. Niflheim: Blood & Bullets(2009) (Nathaniel Iwaszko) [FA] HOR/WAR
  104. No 46(2016) (Ariana Kenny) HOR
  105. One Afternoon in the City(2005) (Peter Chiu) COM
  106. One Less God(2017) (Lliam Worthington) DRA/THR
  107. Passion Love Beauty (2010) (Garnet Mae) [Wiki, M&D, UC] DRA
  108. The Perfect Nonsense(2016) (Addison Heath) [FB] COM
  109. Personality Plus(2009) (Clem Maloney) [ScreenA] DRA
  110. Picture This(2009) (John Fisk) [ScreenA, website] COM/DRA/ROM
  111. Pipe Dream (2015) (Aaron Singfield) COM
  112. Pretty Good Friends(2015) (Sophia Townsend) [CinAus, SM, TIC] COM/DRA/ROM
  113. The Professional Idiot (2012) (Nick McLean) [ScreenA] COM/DRA
  114. Purged(2011) (Michael Craft) [FB] TELEMOVIE COM
  115. Rain (2000) (Andrew Lawton) THR
  116. Random 8 (2011) (Kathryn Millard) [Ref] DRA/MYS
  117. Red Curtain Hell(2016) (Shane Anderson) [Vimeo, FB] COM
  118. Red Sky: Candidate 5238(2015) (Stewart Marshall) [FB, ScreenA] ACT/SFI
  119. Redemption 101(2007) (Paul Day) SFI
  120. Remembering Nigel (2009) (Frank Howson) COM
  121. The Rock(2016) (Pia Justine Cruz) COM
  122. Rodney Fickle Online Athlete(2014) (Scott Dickson) COM
  123. Rooms for Rent(2001) (Zoltan Fecso) (ScreenA) DRA
  124. Ryder Country(2012) (Tam Sainsbury) THR
  125. Scratched (2005) (Travis Bain) [Info, ScreenA] DRA
  126. The School(2017) (Storm Ashwood) THR/HOR
  127. The Sculptor’s Ritual (2009) (Christopher Kenworthy) [Netflix] DRA/THR
  128. Searching for Mr Right.Com (2002) (Samantha Pierce) [ScreenA] ROM/COM
  129. Signs of Life (2002) (Adam McInnes) DRA
  130. A Silent Agreement(2017) (Davo Hardy) [FB] DRA/ROM
  131. Sizzler ’77(2015) (Timothy Spanos) DRA
  132. Smash (2012) (Garnet Mae) [ScreenA] CRI/THR
  133. Snap Factory(2011) (Luke Launer) ACT/THR/MYS
  134. Soul Traces: The Introduction(2004) (Steven Aldridge) TELEMOVIE MYS
  135. Stolen Life(2007) (Jackie Turnure) [Vimeo(film)] ANM/SFI
  136. Strangers Lovers Killers(2010) (Oliver Torr, Ross Wilson, Matt Zeremes) DRA/THR
  137. The Subject (2006) (Chris Scott) [ScreenA] ACT
  138. Sweet FA(2006) (Christian McCarty, Karl Paustian, Michael Skelton) [ScreenA] COM
  139. Sweet Marshall(2009) (Eva Acharya, Martin Alvarez Garcia) [ScreenA, Filmsite] ACT/COM
  140. The System (2016) (Eddie Arya) DRA
  141. Taj (2011) (Winston Furlong) [CC, ScreenA] DRA
  142. Terminal Bliss(2006) (James Harmsworth) [ScreenA] COM/DRA
  143. The Toll (2007) (Zak Hilditch) COM/DRA
  144. Torn (2010) (Eric Manchester) THR
  145. A Touch of Courage: The Enlightenment (2007) (Christopher Maher, Daniel Sanguineti) ADV/HOR
  146. Two People (2017) (Robert Livings) [FB, HOF] DRA
  147. The Vapour Boys (2009) (Josh Simons) DRA
  148. Virtuous (2007) (Richard Aldridge) [ScreenA] DRA
  149. Walking Emily Home (2000) (Rob Cleave) [ScreenA] DRA
  150. Wanda’s Visit (2006) (Ian Hart) DRA
  151. Wango & Maloy(2006) (Kristian Laslett) COM
  152. What Goes Around Comes Around(2017) (Tyson Jarvis, Mike Smallwood) [FB] DRA
  153. Winter on Kythera (2018) (James Prineas) [Events] COM
  154. Wolf Attack(2015) (Ethan Tang) HOR
  155. Woody Island (2010) (Brendan Ritchie) ADV/MYS
  156. Yakka Oy (2003) (Bradley Diebert) [ScreenA, AC listing] CRI/ACT
  157. ZTS: State of Entropy(2002) (Stefanos Stefanidis) [Wiki] DRA
  158. Zyco Rock (2008) (Angelo Salamanca) [ScreenA] DRA

[List updated to Aug 2018]

Supplementary List 1 – Foreign Films made in Australia in the 2000s

These were US or foreign productions filmed in, or partly in, Australia. In the 2000s, foreign producers were drawn to Australia to take advantage of either the interesting locales available or the sophisticated studios and film professionals available in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Some of these films had foreign lead actors adventuring in real Australia, with Aussie people and wildlife for local colour. Other films used Australia to represent places in the US, or some other place overseas, or some imaginary place in the future or the past.  Some have Australian directors and actors, others do not. In most of these films, creative control remained overseas, though in some cases it was shared with local directors or co-producers. This list is not exhaustive, and advice on this list would be appreciated from knowledgeable sources.

  1. Chameleon 3: Dark Angel (2000) (John Lafia) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  2. The Magicians (2000) (Lorraine Senna) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  3. Max Knight: Ultra Spy (2000) (Colin Budds) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  4. Border Patrol (2000) Mark Haber TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  5. Mission: Impossible II (2000) (John Woo) (US in Oz)
  6. Nowhere to Land (2000) (Armand Mastroianni) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  7. Our Lips Are Sealed (2000) (Craig Shapiro) [Wiki] (US actors in Oz)
  8. Pitch Black (2000) (David N. Twohy) [Wiki, M&D] (US in Oz)
  9. Red Planet (2000) (Antony Hoffman) (US in Oz)
  10. Rip Girls (2000) (Joyce Chopra) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE (US IN Oz)
  11. Stepsister from Planet Weird (2000) (Steve Boyum) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  12. The Three Stooges (2000) (James Frawley) TELEMOVIE (US IN Oz)
  13. Backlands (2001) (aka Abschied in den Tod) (Martin Buchhorn) (Germany in Oz)
  14. Code Red (2001) (Ian Gilmour) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  15. Curse of the Talisman (2001) (Russell Mulcahy) [Wiki, ATIA] TELEMOVIE HOR
  16. The Diamond of Jeru (2001) (Ian Barry, Dick Lowry) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  17. Invincible (2001) (Jefery Levy) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  18. Jumping Ship (2001) (Michael Lange) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  19. Ozzie (2001) (aka The Koala Wonder from Down Under) (William Tannen) (US in Oz)
  20. South Pacific (2001) (Richard Pearce) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  21. When Good Ghouls Go Bad (2001) (Patrick Read Johnson) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  22. The Wilde Girls (2001) (Del Shores) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  23. Counterstrike (2002) (Jerry London) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  24. Disappearance (2002) (Walter Klenhard) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  25. The Junction Boys (2002) (Mike Robe
  26. The Outsider (2002) (Randa Haines) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  27. The Quiet American (2002) (Phillip Noyce) [Filmed in Australia and Vietnam] (US in Oz)
  28. A Ring of Endless Light (2002) (Greg Beeman) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  29. Scooby-Doo (2002) (Raja Gosnell) [Wiki, M&D, UC] (US IN Oz)
  30. Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002) (George Lucas) [Filmed in Australia, UK and elsewhere] (US in Oz)
  31. Code 11-14 (2003) (Jean de Segonzac) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  32. Darkness Falls (2003) (Jonathan Liebesman) [Wiki, UC] (US in Oz)
  33. Evil Never Dies (2003) (Uli Edel) TELEMOVIE (US in Oz)
  34. Matrix Reloaded (2003) (The Wachowski Brothers) (US in Oz)
  35. Matrix Revolutions (2003) (The Wachowski Brothers) (US in Oz)
  36. Paradise Found (2003) (Mario Andreacchio) (US in Oz)
  37. Peter Pan (2003) (P.J. Hogan) (US in Oz)
  38. Tempted (2003) (Maggie Greenwald) (US in Oz)
  39. The Mystery of Natalie Wood (2004) (Peter Bogdanovich) [Wiki] TELEMOVIE/MINI-SERIES (US/ABC in Oz)
  40. The Great Raid (2005) (John Dahl) [Wiki] (US in Oz)
  41. House of Wax (2005) (Jaume Collet-Serra) (US in Oz)
  42. Man-Thing (2005) (Brett Leonard) (US in Oz)
  43. The Protector (2005) (aka Tom yum goong) (Prachya Pinkaew) (Thailand/US in Oz and Thailand)
  44. Salaam Namaste (2005) (Siddharth Anand) (India in Oz)
  45. Son of the Mask (2005) (Lawrence Guterman) [Wiki] (US in Oz)
  46. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005) (George Lucas) [Filmed in Australia, UK and elsewhere] (US in Oz)
  47. Stealth (2005) (Rob Cohen) [Wiki, UC] (US in Oz)
  48. Aquamarine (2006) (Elizabeth Allen) (US in Oz)
  49. Charlotte’s Web (2006) (Gary Winick) (US in Oz)
  50. Marine (2006) (John Bonito) (US in Oz)
  51. Rapture of the Deep (2006) (Thorsten Schmidt) (Germany in Oz)
  52. See No Evil (2006) (Gregory Dark) (US in Oz)
  53. Superman Returns (2006) (Bryan Singer) [Filmed in Australia and US] (US in Oz)
  54. The Condemned (2007) (Scott Wiper) (US in Oz)
  55. Ghost Rider (2007) (Mark Steven Johnson) (US in Oz)
  56. Fool’s Gold (2008) (Andy Tennant) (US in Oz)
  57. Love Story 2050 (2008) Harry Baweja) (India in Oz)
  58. The Ruins (2008) (Carter Smith) (US in Oz)
  59. Knowing (2009) (Alex Proyas) [Wiki, M&D, UC] (US in Oz)
  60. Where the Wild Things Are (2009) (Spike Jonze) (US in Oz)
  61. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) (Gavin Hood) (US in Oz)
  62. The Ballad of Des & Mo (2010) (James Fair) (Ireland/UK in Oz)
  63. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) (Michael Apted) [Filmed in Australia & NZ] (US in Oz)
  64. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2010) (Troy Nixey) (US in Oz)
  65. The River Runs Red (2010) (Matthew Burek) (US in Oz)
  66. We Are Family (2010) (Siddharth Malhotra) (India in Oz)
  67. Badmouth (2011) (Guy Moore) (US in Oz)
  68. Killer Elite (2011) (Gary McKendry) [Wiki, M&D, UC] (US in Oz)
  69. Quan qiu re lian (2011) (Tony Chan, Wing Shya) (China in Oz)
  70. Bad Karma (2012) (Suri Krishnamma) (US in Oz)
  71. Iron Sky (2012) (Timo Vuorensola) [Wiki, TimeOut, Film.Com, UC] (Germany in Oz)
  72. The Lovers (2013) (aka Singularity aka Time Traveller) (Roland Joffé) [Wiki]
  73. Wolverine (2013) (James Mangold) [Wiki] (US in Oz)
  74. How to Save Us (2014) (Jason Trost) (US in Oz)
  75. The Lego Movie (2014) (Phil Lord, Christopher Miller) (US in Oz)
  76. Unbroken (2014) (Angelina Jolie) (US in Oz)
  77. Maha Maha (2015) (Mathivanan Sakthivel) (India in Oz)
  78. San Andreas (2015) (Brad Peyton) [Filmed in Australia and US] (US in Oz)
  79. Truth (2015) (James Vanderbilt) [Filmed in Australia and US] (US in Oz)
  80. Better Watch Out (2016) (Chris Peckover) (US in Oz)
  81. Nunnunarvu (2016) (Mathivanan Sakthivel) (India in Oz)
  82. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) (Paul W.S. Anderson) (US in Oz)
  83. Sardaarji 2 (2016) (Rohit Jugraj) (India in Oz)
  84. The Shallows (2016) (Jaume Collet-Serra) (US in Oz)
  85. Alien: Covenant (2017) (Ridley Scott) (US in Oz)
  86. Bleeding Steel (2017) (Leo Zhang) (China in Oz)
  87. Kong: Skull Island (2017) (Jordan Vogt-Roberts) (US in Oz)
  88. The Lego Batman Movie (2017) (Chris McKay) (US in Oz)
  89. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) (Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg) (US in Oz)
  90. A Single Rider (2017) (Zoo Young Lee) (Korea in Oz)
  91. Thor: Ragnarok (2017) (Taika Waititi) (US in Oz)
  92. Aquaman (2018) (James Wan) [Wiki] (US in Oz)
  93. Enter The Wild (2018) (Mark Forstmann) (US in Oz)
  94. Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) (Steven S. DeKnight) (US in Oz)
  95. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) (Mike Mitchell)

Supplementary List 2 – Films made overseas with some Australian finance, producer and/or director (but not mainly about Australians)

These films are sometimes included in lists of Australian films or co-productions but are not included in the main list as they do not involve Australian subjects.

Australian-produced features made overseas about foreign subjects

  1. Tempted (2001) (Bill Bennett) [Wiki, UC] (Oz writer/director in the US) THR
  2. Disgrace (2007) (Steve Jacobs) [Wiki, UC] (Oz director in South Africa – Oz/South African production) DRA
  3. Lore (2012) (Cate Shortland) [Wiki, M&D, UC] (Oz writer/director in Germany) DRA
  4. The Rocket (2013) (Kim Mordaunt) [Wiki, M&D, UC] (Oz writer/director in Laos) DRA
  5. Ruin (2013) (Amiel Courtin-Wilson & Michael Cody) [SBS, CV] (Oz writer/director in Cambodia) CRI/THR
  6. Project Eden: Vol. I (2017) (Ashlee Jensen, Terrance M. Young) (Oz writer/directors in US and NZ) ADV
  7. Love to Paradise (2017) (Julian Galea) (Oz writer/director in Malta with American and Maltese cast) DRA

Foreign features with Oz directors

This list represents only a tiny proportion of foreign films with Australian directors. These particular films are listed because they are sometimes mentioned as ‘Australian’ features or co-productions.

  1. Elephant Tales (2006) (Mario Andreacchio) (France/Oz production with Oz director filmed in Africa) ADV/FAM
  2. Death Defying Acts (2007) (Gillian Armstrong) (UK film with Oz director and finance – filmed in UK) DRA/ROM
  3. Bright Star (2009) (Jane Campion) [Wiki, M&D, UC, ASO] (UK/Oz with Oz/NZ director and Oz finance – filmed in UK) PER/DRA
  4. Off the Ledge (2009) (Brooke Anderson) (US film with Oz writer/director – filmed in US) COM/DRA
  5. Penelopa (2009) (Ben Ferris) [Ozflix] (Oz/Croatia film with Oz writer/director – filmed in Croatia and Croatian) DRA
  6. Bunny (2012) (Annika Glac) [SBS] (Polish language film with Oz director) COM/ROM
  7. The Railway Man (2013) (Jonathan Teplitzky) [Wiki, M&D, UC] (Oz/UK production with Oz director, set in Thailand and UK) PER/WAR/DRA
  8. Arrows of the Thunder Dragon (2013) (Greg Sneddon) [Wiki, M&D, UC] (Oz director in Bhutan) DRA
  9. Elixir  (2015)( Brodie Higgs) [kino-zeit] (Oz writer/director in Germany) DRA
  10. Gringo (2018) (Nash Edgerton) (US film with Oz director – filmed in US) ACT/COM/CRI


  1. Thanks to Australasian Cinema for their wonderful list of Australian films was my starting point and inspiration. I have added and deleted from this, based on information from IMDb and other sources.
  2. Many sources give different years for films. I have tried to choose the year the film was first seen by the public, rather than the year the film was made. In general, I have opted for the year given by IMDb, but in some cases I have given the year the film was released in Australian cinemas.
  3. There are several hundred other ‘Australian’ films listed in IMDb which I did not include in any of these lists due to lack of basic information ( plot, film length, place filmed, supporting user reviews or critical reviews, trailers, cover photos etc). It is not known if these films were ever completed or distributed, but I am happy to add these films to the lists if someone can provide more information.
  4. Most of the films in the main list, meet the Ozflicks  definition of an Australian film, but others (the handful of films made by Australians in Australia but not about Australians – such as The Great Gatsby) do not.
  5. With such a big list, there are bound to be some errors, and I am happy to correct these if you alert me via the Comments section or via the Contact page on the main menu.

Best regards to anyone who got this far. Your dedication to Oz movies is admirable.

Comments and further information are, as always, welcome.o

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