Ozflicks List of Recent Australian films

Happy New Year, Australian film-lovers! This page lists Australian feature films released, either at the cinema, at a significant festival, or on a streaming service, since 2019. (It is a continuation of my List of 1001 Australian Films of the 2000s, which lists all films released between 2000 and 2019, but which became too large and unstable to continue updating.)

I’d like to make this list comprehensive, so please let me know if anything has been omitted. (Please note that sources sometimes list different years, due to delays and staggered release dates. Thus some films will appear with a date of 2019 in some sources, and 2020 in others. If you can’t find a film below, try the previous page.)

The main list below is an as-complete-as-I-could-make-it list of feature films made and released in Australia since the 2019. It excludes the following films:

  • documentaries;
  • concert recordings and operas;
  • short-features of 60 minutes or less;
  • TV mini-series;
  • most animated features made in Australia (unless the theme was particularly Australian);
  • films which are thought to have been completed but for which there was no evidence that they were ever distributed. Some of these are included in The Grey List after the main list;
  • US features and other foreign films made in Australia but set elsewhere with foreign lead actors – some of these are listed in Supplementary List #1 under the main list.
  • foreign-dominated features made outside Australia with some Australian financial involvement but no Australian characters and which are sometimes listed as ‘Australian’ (some of these are listed in Supplementary List #2 under the main list);
  • Films for which too little information was found, particularly where not even a brief synopsis was given or the director’s name and film length were not listed.

Movies made for or first released on television (and marked TELEMOVIE) will be in a separate list, below the main list.

Each film in these lists has links to some of the following sources of information about the film:

  • IMDb – Listing from Internet Movie Database (the link is under the name of the film). This source is given for all the films on the main list and most films on the other lists;
  • Wiki – Wikipedia entry on the film;
  • ScreenA – Screen Australia listing for the film (brief);
  • ATIA – Australian Television Information Archive entry on TV movies (there are none listed since 2018 at present);
  • FB – Facebook page for some films;
  • Over 100 other sites which offer reviews or information on less-well-known films.

The genre of the film is at the end of the listing in capitals according to the following code: DRA=Drama, ACT=Action, ADV=Adventure, ANM=Animated, ART=Arthouse, B-COM=Black Comedy, BIO=Biopic, COM=Comedy, CRI=Crime, DOC=Documentary, EXP-Experimental/Avant-Garde, FAM=Family/Children’s, FAN=Fantasy, HOR=Horror, MOC=Mocumentary, MUS=Musical, MYS=Mystery, PER=Period drama, SFI=Sci-Fi, SPO=Sport, SXP=Sexploitation, THR=Thriller, WAR=War drama, WES=Western.

The Main List

This list includes films made and released in Australia by Australians since 2019, as well as films made about Australian lead characters overseas. It only includes films known to have been released at the cinema, on DVD or available at an online site such as Ozflix, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Vimeo or even YouTube. Other Australian films completed since 2019, but only seen briefly at film festivals on release are included in a supplementary list below the main list – the ‘Grey List’, though some films which have appeared at significant film festivals and gained a number of reviews are included in the main list (and marked *).

The films are listed by year, then alphabetically (with any initial ‘The’ ignored). The films in bold are the ones usually mentioned as the most significant films of the year (either at the box office or with the critics).

2019 Films

  1. Angel of Mine (2019) (Kim Farrant) [WikiGuardianVarietyEbert] DRA/THR
  2. Animals (2019) (Sophie Hyde) [GuardianVarietyHollR] COM/DRA*
  3. Anticipation (2019) (Peter Renzullo) [Vimeo on DemandPerthNowAmazon] DRA
  4. Awoken (2019) (Daniel J. Phillips) [HOTS10thCircleHorWorld]  HOR
  5. Babyteeth  (2019) (Shannon Murphy) [WikiVarietyHollREbertBFI] COM/DRA*
  6. Back of the Net (2019) (Louise Alston) [WikiSMHCurbAFLSwitch] FAM/SPO
  7. Balboa Blvd (2019) (Kylie Claude, Rody Claude) [J&EiTunesAmazon] DRA/SPO
  8. Below (2019) (Maziar Lahooti) [Guardian, Screen Daily] DRA/B-COM*
  9. Bilched (2019) (Jeremy Cumpston) [Flicks.auGuardianwebsiteFilmInk] COM/DRA*
  10. Black Garden (2019) (Shaun Wilson) [FilmInkUKFRWebsite] SFI
  11. Blood Vessel (2019) (Justin Dix) [WikiScreenSpUKFRHCF] HOR*
  12. Buoyancy (2019) (Rodd Rathjen) [GoombaScreenAIF] DRA*
  13. Cerulean Blue (2019) (Adrian Ortega) [SwitchThisFilm]  COM/DRA*
  14. Choir Girl (2019) (John Fraser) [InkAARsite]  DRA*
  15. The Combination Redemption (2019) (David Field) [GuardianInkSMH] DRA
  16. Cult Girls(2019) (Mark Bakaitis) [MFAMaMHemp] HOR*
  17. Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan (2019) (Kriv Stenders) [CurbFBSFF] WAR*
  18. Dark Place (2019) (Kodie Bedford, Perun Bonser, Rob Braslin, Liam Phillips, Bjorn Stewart) [SFFTRBABC] HOR *
  19. Dark Whispers Vol 1 (2019) (Angie Black, Jub Clerc & ors) [MTSScreenSpMoM] HOR/DRA/THR*
  20. Dirt Music (2019) (Gregor Jordan) [WikiVarietyIndWHollRep] DRA*
  21. The Dust Walker (2019) (Sandra Sciberras) [SCFMFMTSScreenSpMoM] DRA/SFI*
  22. Escape and Evasion (2019) (Storm Ashwood) [GuardianStrattonSMH ] WAR/DRA
  23. The Faceless Man (2019) (James Di Martino) [MR101 , M&MFT] HOR*
  24. A Family (2019) (Jayden Stevens) [ArtsRevSwitch] COM/DRA*
  25. The Furies (2019) (Tony D’Aquino) [HorPFBGCFF] HOR/THR*
  26. H Is For Happiness (2019) (John Sheedy) [ScreenDMIFFVariety]  FAM/DRA/COM*
  27. Hang on to Your Hanger-Ons (2019) (Edvard Christie, Haavard Christie) [DVDFFHeiMary] COM/DRA
  28. Hearts and Bones (2019) (Ben Lawrence) [SFFSDFlicks] DRA*
  29. I am Mother  (2019) (Grant Sputore) [WikiEbertVarietyScrDaily] SFI/THR*
  30. I Am Woman (2019) (Unjoo Moon) [WikiHollyRepVarietyFlicks]  BIO/DRA*
  31. Judy and Punch (2019) (Mirrah Foulkes) [VarietyFilmStageScreenA] DRA*
  32. Little Monsters  (2019) (Abe Forsythe) [VarietyHollRepEbert] COM/HOR*
  33. Locusts (2019) (Heath Davis) [WikiSMHFilmInk]  CRI/THR
  34. Maybe Tomorrow (2019) (Caitlin Farrugia, Michael Jones) [CinAusFilmInkScSp] COM/DRA
  35. Me & My Left Brain (2019) (Alex Lykos) [FilmInk] COM/ROM
  36. Measure for Measure (2019) (Paul Ireland) [SreenDMIFFFDude] DRA*
  37. The Naked Wanderer (2019) (Alan Lindsay) [WebsiteSMH]  COM/ROM*
  38. Outback (2019) (Mike Green) [CinAusInkCurb] THR*
  39. Palm Beach (2019) (Rachel Ward) [GuardianFlicksHollyR]  COM/DRA*
  40. Promised (2019) (Nick Conidi, Tony Ferrieri, Nathan Primmer) [SMHFilmInkBlerg] DRA/ROM
  41. Quanta (2019) (Nathan Dalton) [WebsiteFBAmazon] SFI, DRA*
  42. Reflections in the Dust (2018) (Luke Sullivan) [SMHFilmInkScreenHub] DRA*
  43. Repent or Perish! (2019) (Matthew Victor Pastor) [FBPSC] DRA*
  44. Ride Like a Girl (2019) (Rachel Griffiths) [WikiABCAgeABC ConversationBlergGuardian] FAM/DRA/SPO
  45. A Second Chance: Rivals! (2019) (Clay Glen) [ACCMiTunesYouTube] FAM/DRA/SPO
  46. Sequin in a Blue Room (2019) (Samuel Van Grinsven) [SFFFBCinAus] DRA *
  47. Standing Up for Sunny (2019) (Steven Vidler) [SFFInkCinAus] COM/DRA/ROM*
  48. Storm Boy (2019) (Shawn Seet) [WikiAgeGuardianVariety]  FAM/DRA
  49. Suburban Wildlife (2019) (Imogen McCluskey) [GWPInkSFF] DRA*
  50. Top End Wedding (2019) (Wayne Blair) [EyeFFEbertSolzy] COM/ROM
  51. True History of the Kelly Gang (2019) (Justin Kurzel) [WikiGuardianVarietyHollyRepEbertFilmInk] PER/CRI/ACT
  52. Two Heads Creek (2019) (Jesse O’Brien) [FilmInkScreenSpaceNova] HOR/COM

2020s Films

  1. 2067 (2020) (Seth Larney) [WikiREbertVarietyHollyRep] SFI
  2. A Sunburnt Christmas (2020) (Christiaan Van Vuuren) [StanIF] COM
  3. Aiyai: Wrathful Soul (2020) (Ilanthirayan Arumugam) [WikiSwitchIndia Times] HOR/THR
  4. Black Water: Abyss (2020) (Andrew Traucki) [Screen SpaceEbertGuardianVariety] ACT/HOR/DRA
  5. Bloodshot Heart (2020) (Parish Malfitano) [ScreenHubFilmInkAndrewUrbanPureS] DRA/THR
  6. Bloody Hell (2020) (Alister Grierson) [FilmInkFilm ThreatFilm Inquiry HOR/THR
  7. Combat Wombat (2020) (Ricard Cusso) [ScreenHubStuffNZCurb] ANM/FAM/FAN
  8. Disclosure (2020) (Michael Bentham) [Film Threat48hillsPCLOBRWC] DRA
  9. Don’t Read This on a Plane (2020) ( Stuart McBratney) [AmazonIJMAoM] COM/DRA
  10. The Dry (2020) (Robert Connolly) [WikiFlicksSceneStr] DRA/CRI/MYS
  11. Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie’s Dead Aunt) (2020) (Monica Zanetti) [AFLDarrenSBSWIL] COM
  12. The Flood (2020) (Victoria Wharfe McIntyre) [SMH, Eye For FilmDirtyMoviesAust] DRA/WES
  13. Forever First Love (2020) (AKA Sage of Time) (Luke Mayze) [FB, iTunes, Amazon] DRA/ROM
  14. The Furnace (2020) (Roderick MacKay) [GuardianHollyRepVarietyIndiewire] PER/WES
  15. Go Karts (2020) (aka Go!) (Owen Trevor) [SMHFilmInk, (ScreenInt] FAM/ACT
  16. Greenfield (2020) (Julius Telmer, Jevgeni Jevsikov) [SliverScreenAus] THR
  17. Guilt (2020) (Karl Jenner, Lyndsay Sarah) [Movie NationBRWCZisi] THR
  18. Hannah: And Other Misadventures (2020) (Takani Dillon) [AppleAmazon/Prime] COM
  19. High Ground (2020) (Stephen Johnson) [WikiHollyRepVarietySD] ACT/THR
  20. How Do You Know Chris? (2020) (Ashley Harris) [AustralianSchembriReelgoodRMITV] DRA
  21. I Met a Girl (2020) (Luke Eve) [WikiFilm GateMovie Nation] DRA/ROM
  22. An Ideal Host (2020) (Robert Woods) [BFCUKRSCMAMNerdly] HOR/COM/SFI
  23. The Legend of the Five (2020) (Joanne Samuel) [Screen-SpaceACCMSliver] ADV/FAN
  24. A Lion Returns (2020) (Serhat Caradee) [SMHFilmInkStratton] DRA
  25. Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears (2020) (Tony Tilse) [WikiGuardianAFLSMH] ADV/ROM
  26. Moon Rock for Monday (2020) (Kurt Martin) [FilmInkCinAus] DRA
  27. My First Summer (2020) (Katie Found) [FilmInkSMHABCStan]  DRA/ROM
  28. The Neon Across the Ocean (2020) (Matthew Victor Pastor) [WebsiteRevelationPortuguese] DRA
  29. Never Too Late (2020) (Mark Lamprell) [WikiVarietyCSM] COM/DRA/ROM
  30. Occupation: Rainfall (2020) (Luke Sparke) [WikiStrattonTime OutScreenHub] ACF/SFI
  31. On Halloween (2020) Timothy Boyle) [MAMAmazon]  HOR
  32. Out of Order (2020) (Dan Jones) [SubcultureHorrorCFCHM] COM
  33. Paper Champions (2020) (Jo-Anne Brechin) [The AgeATWUmbrella] COM
  34. Penguin Bloom (2020) (Glendyn Ivin) [WikiVarietyGuardianEbertReelFilm] DRA
  35. Rams (2020) (Jeremy Sims) [WikiGuardianSMHPaatschArtsHub] COM
  36. Redemption (2020) (Uttam Mukherjee) [iTunesIndiaLinkAmazon] CRI/THR
  37. Relic (2020) (Natalie Erika James) [HollyRepEbertHBuzz] DRA/HOR*
  38. Romance on the Menu (2020) (Rosie Lourde) [WikiTLDR,  Netflix] ROM/COM
  39. The Screaming Silent (2020) (David Davidson) [AmazonMoviesRTim]  HOR/DRA
  40. Sweet River (2020) (Justin McMillan) [HoHNetflixIF] HOR/MYS/THR
  41. Sweethurt (2020) (Tom Danger) [WebsiteFilmInkFB] COM
  42. Swimming for Gold (2020) (Hayley MacFarlane) [Film GateCathCMarv] FAM/SPO
  43. The Taverna (2020) (Alkinos Tsilimidos) [FilmInkSCESMH] COM
  44. Time Apart (2020) (Ric Forster) [AmazonSite] SFI/DRA*
  45. TKG: The Kids of Grove (2020) (Damien Giglietta) [C2CAmazon] THR
  46. Under My Skin (2020) (David O’Donnell) [Eye For FilmFilmInkFilmThreat] DRA
  47. Unsound (2020) (Ian Watson) [WebsiteUtahMUBIFilmInkScreenA]  DRA*
  48. The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee (2020) (Dean Murphy) [Screen SpaceSMHGuardianSchembri] COM
  49. We’re Not Here to Fuck Spiders (2020) (Josh Reed) [CultPro} CRI*
  50. What Goes Around (2020) (Sam Hamilton) [AmazonS-SpaceCurbNerdly] HOR
  51. The Xrossing (2020) (Steven J. Mihaljevich) [CurbPerthNowFilmInquiry] CRI/THR


  1. Apparitions (2021) (Perri Cummings, Paul Anthony Nelson) [MaM, HorrorFuel, AWFJ, FilmInk] HOR*
  2. Ascendant (2021) (Antaine Furlong) [PejkovicVarietyScreenHub] SFI/FAN/MYS
  3. Astro Loco (2021) (Aaron McJames) [J&EAmazonMAMTUM] COM/SFI
  4. Back to the Outback (2021) (Harry Cripps, Clare Knight) [Wiki, REbert, Guardian] ANM/ADV/COM
  5. Badass Bunyip (2021) (Gerardo Chierchia) [HorrorSoc, MaM, RotZomb] COM/FAN/HOR
  6. Buckley’s Chance (2021) (Tim Brown) [GuardianAustralianSMH] FAM
  7. Charlotte’s Net (2021) (James Dobbins Jones) [DonsWOHAE, UKFR] HOR
  8. Christmas on the Farm (2021) (Chistopher Weekes) [MamaMia, TVT, STAN] COM/DRA/ROM
  9. Crow Valley (2021) (Josh Conn) [HorrorFuel, MaM, IF, RT] THR/HOR*
  10. The Drovers Wife (2021) (aka The Drovers Wife: Legend of Molly Johnson) (Leah Purcell) [HollyRepReelBitsIndieWire] DRA*
  11. Dry Winter (2021) (Kyle Davis) [Curb, FB, FilmInk, ScreenAus] DRA*
  12. The Dunes (2021) (Martin Copping) [HorrorFuel, MonFest, HeraldSun, SwedeFest, KickStarter] THR*
  13. Friends and Strangers (2021) (James Vaughan) [Adrian MartinScreenSpaceFilmuforia] COM/DRA
  14. Great White (2021) (Martin Wilson) [WikiRotTomEbertEFFVariety] HOR/THR
  15. The Greenhouse (2021) (Thomas Wilson-White) [RotTomTFRTQR] DRA
  16. I, Portrait (2021) (Nathan Hill) [MoviesReview101HorrorBuzz] THR
  17. June Again (2021) (JJ Winlove) [AUReviewMovieDocAFilmLifeScreen Hub] DRA 
  18. Kidnapped (2021) (aka Kidnapped in Paradise) (Vic Sarin) [GeeksBDGShattered Lens] DRA/THR
  19. Little Tornadoes (2021) (Aaron Wilson) DRA [SchembriASOFFilmInk] DRA
  20. Lone Wolf (2021) (Jonathan Ogilvie) [RotTomSOSRBBSM] Sept 2021
  21. Long Story Short (2021) (Josh Lawson) [WikiGuardianScreenHubABCBlurb] ROM/COM
  22. Love You Like That (2021) (Eric C. Nash) [PivotSchembriFilmInkSwitch] ROM/COM
  23. Lucifer’s Satanic Daughter (2021) (Chandler Thistle) [TwiM, Kicks, Vimeo] HOR
  24. Nitram (2021) (Justin Kurzel) [WikiGuardianVarietyFilmUforiaSTAN] THR
  25. Nova Star (2021) (Daniel Armstrong) [MonFest, RT, TMDB] SFI*
  26. No Witnesses (2021) (Robert Roworth) (RotTomAmazonM&MHorrorBrainsFilmInk] CRI
  27. Outnumbered (2021) (Emmett Adcock) [Actionflix, Actionelite, Gunn, 411mania] WES/ACT/PER
  28. Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (2021) (Will Gluck) [WikiGuardianLA Times]  ANM/ADV/COM
  29. The Possessed (2021) (Chris Sun) [NiCon, BFI, MaM] HOR*
  30. Public Eye (2021) (Davo Hardy) [FB, UKFR, Judith, AAC] COM/DRA
  31. Rage (2021) (John Balazs) [Movie NationMattsMRThreat] THR
  32. Rhapsody of Love  (2021) (Joy Hopwood) [Screen Hub, FFT] COM/ROM
  33. Road to Perth (2021) (Chad Peter) [Website, FilmThreat , CrookedM, N&W] DRA
  34. Rock Sugar (2021) (aka Bullied) (Angela How) [FBITOLC365MPM] DRA/THR
  35. Streamline (2021) (Tyson Wade Johnston) [WikiRotTomGuardianSchembri] DRA/SPO
  36. Stuffings (2021) (Mathew J. Wilkinson) [MaM, GBAHBL, CinAus] COM/HOR
  37. This Little Love of Mine (2021) (Christine Luby) [BrisbanistaGCFFACCMFemale] ROM
  38. We All Lie My Darling (2021) (Pierre-Nicolas Panasci) [FB, IGG, Gplay, Amazon, IGG]  DRA/ROM*
  39. Wyrmwood: Apocalypse (2021) (Kiah Roache-Turner) [Wiki (1st film), Guardian, FilmInk] ACT


  1. A Stitch in Time (2022) (Sasha Hadden) [SMH, AFL, FilmInk, OTS] DRA
  2. Gold (2022) (Anthony Hayes) [Wiki, Guardian, SMH, Schembri, FilmInk] ACT/THR
  3. Here Out West (2022) (Fadia Abboud, Lucy Gaffy, Julie Kalceff, Ana Kokkinos, Leah Purcell) [Guardian, SMH, AFL, Sliver, ScreenD] DRA
  4. Moja Vesna (2022) (Sara Kern) [Variety, Cineuropa, ScreenA] (Aus/Slovakia co-prod) DRA
  5. The Plains (2022) (David Easteal) [Variety, ReelBits, ScreenDaily] DRA/DOC
  6. Ruby’s Choice (2022) (Michael Budd) [CBRCityNews, WeekendNotes, Salt1065] DRA

* indicates Festival Only Releases

[List updated to 5 March 2022]

The Grey List

These films were completed in the 2020s but I could find no solid evidence of the films being released at a cinema, online or on DVD – particularly no reviews or release information (some may have been shown at a minor festival, or for a very limited run at an independent cinema, and then disappeared without being reviewed). If someone can provide more information on any of these films, they can be moved to the main list. (There are also a lot of other Australian films listed on IMDb with only a handful or no-user votes and very little other information to confirm that they were actually completed. I have left these films off this list, but information on the status of these films would be appreciated.)

  1. A Beautiful Request (2021) (Robert Chuter) [ScreenAus, IndieGogo, CinAus] DRA
  2. A Pencil to the Jugular (2021) (Matthew Victor Pastor) [AMP, FesSco] DRA
  3. A Small Punch in a Little Town (2021) (Luke Robinson) DRA
  4. Akoni (2021) (Genna Chanelle Hayes) [ScreenAus, RadT, Palace, IF] DRA/ROM
  5. Bad Influence (2021) (Andreas Toumbas) DRA
  6. Cherubhead (2021) (Sarah Legg) [FilmInk, Website] THR
  7. Collect Your Roadkill (2021) (Alessio Mazza, Hugo Morgan) [FB, RT] COM/DRA/MUS
  8. Everything I Am (2021) (Robbie Fatt) [FB] DRA
  9. The First Detectives (2021) (Wayne Gibbon) CRI/DRA/PER
  10. Flunk: The Sleepover (2021) (Ric Forster) [Website, RT, Vimeo ]  DRA/ROM
  11. The Korean from Seoul (2021) (Steven Whatmough) ACT/COM
  12. Life’s Mapped Out (2021) (Akal Demir) [FB, Freeway] ACT/DRA
  13. The Pitch (2021) (Daniel Green, Jesse Richardson) DRA

Supplementary List 1 – Foreign Films made in Australia in the 2020s

These were US or foreign productions filmed in, or partly in, Australia. In the 2020s, foreign producers were drawn to Australia to take advantage of either the interesting locales available or the sophisticated studios and film professionals available in Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Adelaide or Perth. Some of these films had foreign lead actors adventuring in real Australia, with Aussie people and wildlife for local colour. Other films used Australia to represent places in the US, or some other place overseas, or some imaginary place in the future or the past.  Some have Australian directors and actors, others do not. In most of these films, creative control remained overseas, though in some cases it was shared with local directors or co-producers. This list is not exhaustive, and advice on this list would be appreciated from knowledgeable sources.

  1. 100% Wolf (2020) (Alexs Stadermann) ANM/FAM (Belgian/Australian)
  2. Escape from Pretoria (2020) (Francis Annan) [Wiki] THR (UK/US/SAf/Oz production in Oz)
  3. The Invisible Man (2020) (Leigh Whannell) [Wiki] THR (US in Oz)
  4. Mortal Kombat (2021) (Simon McQuoid) ACT/ADV/FAN (US in Oz)
  5. Sit. Stay. Love (2021) Tori Garrett) ROM (US in Oz)

Supplementary List 2 – Films made overseas with some Australian finance, producer and/or director (but not mainly about Australians)

These films are sometimes included in lists of Australian films or co-productions but are not included in the main list as they do not involve Australian subjects.

Australian-produced features made overseas about foreign subjects

  1. Falling for Figaro (2020) (Ben Lewin) (Australian director, Australian co-production, but filmed and set mainly in Scotland)
  2. Risen (2021) (Eddie Arya) Australian director, Australian co-production, but filmed in Canada and set the US)


  1. Thanks to Australasian Cinema for their wonderful list of Australian films was my starting point and inspiration. I have added and deleted from this, based on information from IMDb and other sources.
  2. Many sources give different years for films. I have tried to choose the year the film was first seen by the public, rather than the year the film was made. In general, I have opted for the year given by IMDb, but in some cases I have given the year the film was released in Australian cinemas.
  3. There are several hundred other ‘Australian’ films listed in IMDb which I did not include in any of these lists due to lack of basic information ( plot, film length, place filmed, supporting user reviews or critical reviews, trailers, cover photos etc). It is not known if these films were ever completed or distributed, but I am happy to add these films to the lists if someone can provide more information.
  4. Most of the films in the main list, meet the Ozflicks  definition of an Australian film, but others (the handful of films made by Australians in Australia but not about Australians – such as The Great Gatsby) do not.
  5. With such a big list, there are bound to be some errors, and I am happy to correct these if you alert me via the Comments section or via the Contact page on the main menu.

That’s it for now, but I will add new films as they manage to find a release in these Covidiforous times.

Best regards to anyone who got this far. Your dedication to Oz movies is admirable.

Comments and further information are, as always, welcome.

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