Reviews and Rating of Oz films

Urban Cinephile’s Reviews of Australian Films This page has links to reviews of an impressive 600 Oz films. The site does not rate films but has good reviews.

Cinephilia’s Australiana collection of reviews This site has over 700 reviews of (mostly) Australian films and documentaries. The site also rates the films from zero to 5 stars, although the ratings appear inconsistent as some reviewers appear to mark more kindly than others. Overall the average rating on the site is about 3 stars, almost exactly the same as the Ozflicks average rating (to 2 decimal points!), though Cinephilia tends to rate newer and more violent films more highly than me, and comedy or romance and movies before 2000 lower.

ABC At The Movies with Margaret and David (defunct mid-2017 – See Archived version on Wayback Machine) This site contains reviews and ratings by popular Australian reviewers Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton of many Australian releases from 2004 to 2014 and is arranged alphabetically. For earlier films reviewed by Margaret and David Stratton on SBS from 1986 to 2004 see here and here. Better still, go to the Ozflicks Margaret and David page where I have links to all their reviews still online from 1986 to 2014.

Luke Buckmaster is film critic and writer for Guardian Australia, and his reviews are here. He also has a series Rewatching Classic Australian films with dozens of reviews of Australian films made before 2005.

Paul Byrnes (reviewer for the Sydney Morning Herald and director of the Sydney Film Festival from 1989 to 1998) has written overviews of over 300 significant Australian films at Australian Screen.

Peter Malone’s Website Peter Malone is an Australian-based film reviewer who has been reviewing films since the 1970s for his Catholic-influenced Film Resource Guide (on the website). His website includes amongst its thousands of reviews, reviews of many obscure Australian films not reviewed elsewhere and for which little other information exists. Though Australian films are not grouped separately, they can be found using Peter’s A-Z index.

IMDb is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. It does not have a page collecting all Australian films, but if you search for a film, it will give you links to critical and user reviews, as well as an average rating by IMDb users.

Rotten Tomatoes has links to many published film reviews as well as user reviews of films. It also shows star ratings by critics and averages these to produce an average rating. Like IMDb above, it does not have a page collecting all Australian films, but if you search for a film, it will give you links to critical and user reviews. It also allows you to isolate reviews by known Australian reviewers who are more likely to review films such as David Stratton and Paul Byrnes (SMH).

CineMuseFilms This NSW blog reviews many new Australian films.

Down Under Flix This newish weekly blog by Ben Kooyman of Sydney looks at at obscure, forgotten, neglected, or under-appreciated Australian films.

Film Blerg has a collection of 150 reviews of recent Australian films by a collective of younger Australian reviewers.

The Reel Bits Australian reviewer Richard Gray reviews many new Oz films, and has Oz film news.

FakeShemp.Net This group of young but knowledgeable Oz film critics reviews a wide range of Oz films, big and small.

Other information on Oz Cinema

Australasian Cinema  This website, belonging to Garry Gillard, who taught Australian cinema at Murdoch University from 1998-2008, and wrote a textbook Ten Types of Australian Film, contains a wealth of information on Australian films. The site contains:

Oz Movies This site contains extensive information and analysis of about 600 Oz films and documentaries released between 1930 and 1991. It’s a treasure-house of details and little-known information, and an amusing and informative read.

Curnblog James Curnow’s thoughtful film blog includes several articles on Australian films (since 2012). Here are a few examples (including a chronological series ‘100 Greatest Australian Films: Cinema Down Under’):

Cinema Australia This WA blog contains discussion of film production in Australian, including interviews and some reviews.


Film Alert 101 Geoff Gardner’s blog devoted to things of interest to cinephiles. The subjects are randomly selected in the manner of a diary and are somewhat oriented to Sydney, Australia. Geoff also had a website Film Alert with more on Australian cinema. It is now defunct but the archived version is here.

Senses of Cinema This quality online cinema journal which has produced  4-6 issues a year since 1999 covers all of world cinema. It contains many useful articles, book reviews and film reviews on Australian cinema, but you need to hunt around for them. Some articles are tagged ‘Australian Cinema’ and they have an interesting Key Moments in Australian Cinema collection of articles and reviews. Otherwise try this search, which produces a lot of results.

Australianscreen has much information on films plus selected clips. Australianscreen is operated by the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA). The NFSA is the national audiovisual archive, collecting, preserving and sharing the nation’s moving image and recorded sound heritage.

Screen Australia has a lot of data about Oz films. Screen Australia was established under the Screen Australia Act 2008 and from 1 July 2008 took over the functions and appropriations of its predecessor agencies, the Australian Film Commission (AFC), the Film Finance Corporation Australia (FFC) and Film Australia Limited.

Pure Shit: Australian Cinema A new website devoted to alternative Australian cinema.

In Film Australia (archive) Archived copy of website of Australian reviews and articles up to 2012.

Generation Starstruck A blog about some of the feature films made by Australian women filmmakers between 1980-1999

Film Reference ‘Australia’ page This is a series of short articles by Geoff Mayer on Australian cinema in different eras.

Ben Goldsmith and Geoff Lealand (eds.), Directory of World Cinema: Australia and New Zealand (Bristol: Intellect Books, 2010) This ebook is an excellent resource.

Australian Movies A website with lists of Australian films, directors, and actors, plus short synopses of hundreds of films.

Articles on Australian Cinema

The 100 Best Australian Films Of The New Millennium (Filmink 2016) A rare ranked list of Australian films (since 2000)

The Australian feminist films of the 90s were revolutionary. We can’t let them disappear (Guardian 2016)

‘I will survive!’: Australia’s 10 best LGBT films (Guardian 2016)

Australian cinema’s lost wave: the renaissance nobody’s noticed (Luke Buckmaster 2015)

From Barry McKenzie to Priscilla: the evolution of the Aussie comedy hero (Luke Buckmaster 2015)

Why Australians love Australian film – when we don’t ignore it – and why the rest of the world doesn’t (Brendan Swift 2013) (Archive version)

Australian cinema is dead – long live Australian cinema (Peter Castaldi 2013) Archive version

Cinephilia’s interesting critique of the 2006 book 100 Greatest Films Of Australian Cinema

Prescott, Nick 2005. “All we see and all we seem…” – Australian Cinema and National Landscape.

Beyond ‘Australian film’? Australian cinema in the 1990s (Tom O’Regan 1995)

The enchantment with the cinema: Australian film in the 1980s (Tom O’Regan 1989)

Australian film in the 1970s: the ocker and the quality film (Tom O’Regan 1996)

Australian film in the 1950s (Tom O’Regan 1987)

The Australian Cinema – An Overview ( Australian Film Commission in the Australia Year Book  1989)


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